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M3 announces further expansion into Europe and Latin America with the acquisition of Vidal Group

M3 is strengthening and growing its global operations with the acquisition of Vidal Group, a trusted provider of prescribing information and clinical decision support services to doctors and other HCPs in key markets including France, Germany, Spain and Latin America. This move complements M3’s existing business activities in Japan, the United States, United Kingdom, China, Korea and India.

Since the first publication of its pharmaceutical information encyclopaedia in 1914, the Vidal brand has gained powerful recognition amongst doctors, HCPs and the general public across French speaking countries.Additionally, Vidal’s brands such as Gelbe Liste and MMI Pharmindex in Germany and Vidal Vademecum in Spain,Central and South America, are well-renowned within their respective markets.
Vidal is recognised as the most trusted information source by physicians in France (n=388, June 2015) and has reach to over 290,000 doctors andmany other health care professionals in Europe and Latin America.
Vidal provides a very comprehensive multimedia suite of services with prescribing information and clinical decision support to enable doctors, pharmacists and other HCPs to deliver better patient care through the optimal use of medicines and therapeutics and the adoption of new advances in medical knowledge.
Through this acquisition, M3 plans to support the continued growth of Vidal’s existing services across Europe and Latin America and to expand the range of services provided to healthcare by leveraging M3’s experience and expertise in other markets including market research, digital communications, clinical trials and recruitment services.
Aki Tomaru, Board Director and CEO of M3 USA commented “The addition of the Vidal Group to M3 marks a very significant and important step for M3 in its mission to deliver trusted and high quality medical information and services in key markets across the world to drive forward innovation, improved efficiency and better outcomes in healthcare.”

About M3:
M3 operates in Asia, the US and Europe with more than 4 million physician doctor members globally via,MDLinx, Medigate,, M3Medical and Ranked 5th on Forbes’ Most Innovative Growth Companies in 2016, M3 provides a wide range of healthcare services across clinical trials, pharmaceutical marketing, research services, educational programmes, patient information and physician recruitment services.More information and contacts:For more information on the acquisition of the Vidal Group by M3 please contact Hannah Brown on +44 (0)7747273879 or more information on M3 visit or

3rd December 2016


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