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Shining a Spotlight on Women’s Health Education Outcomes at ACOG 2023

During the 2023 annual meeting of ACOG, Medscape highlighted the outcomes of CME/CE programs focused on improving clinicians knowledge and achieving better outcomes for patients. The outcomes were shared through two virtual posters and covered topics including CGM use for pregnant patients, and Cytomegalovirus. Both posters examined the impact of education on physicians’ knowledge and competence.

The posters can be read at the links below.

“We were very excited to share the outcomes of our programs in CGM use for pregnant patients and Cytomegalovirus at this year’s ACOG meeting. Both programs were effective in helping physicians increase their knowledge and confidence of these topics, and those improvements will ultimately lead to better care and outcomes for patients,” said Amy Larkin, Sr Dir, Educational Strategy, Medscape Education, “Women’s health is an important topic for us at Medscape, and we’re looking forward to how we can continue to move the needle on these areas.”

Two Medscape symposia were also held at the conference, exploring and educating clinicians on Cytomegalovirus and personalized fertility care.

In addition to poster presentations and symposia, Medscape held a mix-and-mingle networking event at Blackwell Hitch Restaurant in Baltimore. The event gathered conference attendees and faculty to discuss the latest developments in women’s health and education.

Medscape will be holding their second annual Women’s Health Master Class in November. The virtual event will focus on disseminating the latest data and advances in women’s health, including topics including illuminating unmet needs and broadening the horizons for quality care.

For more information on women’s health education at Medscape, contact:

For the US, Jim Martotano and David Anderson

For Ex-US please contact: Stephen DunnPeter Schoonheim or Jelena Spyropoulos

About Medscape

Medscape is the leading source of clinical news, health information, and point-of-care tools for health care professionals. Medscape offers specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals the most robust and integrated medical information and educational tools. Medscape Education ( is the leading destination for continuous professional development, consisting of more than 30 specialty-focused destinations offering thousands of free CME and CE courses and other educational programs for physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals.

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