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Communications that drive positive change...

We are a HEALTHCARE COMMUNICATIONS agency specialised in ethical and consumer health and medical technology. In the evolving world of healthcare communications, we are a HYBRID, integrating PR with the best of other disciplines. Influencing positive behaviours and inspiring change is what drives us, we use insight, thought leadership, education, peer influence and compelling narratives to go beyond awareness and engage with a wide range of audiences on a deeper level.
Driven by insight, expertise and fresh thinking, our communications programmes create and leverage strategic opportunities in the environment. We build and broker relationships with people and organisations, working together towards mutual benefits.
We are outcomes focused and metrics led.
Services: strategic communications at all stages of a product lifecycle; KOL, patient and consumer engagement programmes; corporate positioning and communications; multi-channel communications integrating social and traditional media; social engagement for idea generation. Areas of expertise: Prescription medicines, medical technologies, devices and diagnostics; OTC and consumer health products; specialist nutrition; NHS services, private health service providers. We are based in London, UK and are the founding member of the Plexus international network.

Fluent in positive change.

Areas of Expertise

In-house expertise:

* Professional relations
* Social and media relations
* Medical education and KOL development
* Patient advocacy, NHS relations and stakeholder engagement
* Disease awareness and public health programmes
* Strategic consultancy, corporate affairs and reputation management
* Crisis and issues management
* Conference/meeting management

Portfolio of opportunities:

We specialise in developing communications programmes that shift perceptions, help decision-making and develop understanding through professional, patient and consumer education. Our diverse client base and vast experience help us to achieve a 360 degree view of the UK and European health environment. Whether our client is a pharma company looking to reinvigorate and prolong the life of an established treatment or a health service provider looking to engage more effectively with its key stakeholders, our teams can help.

Previous experience:

Therapeutic areas:
* Allergy
* CNS/mental health
* Cardiovascular health

* Contraception
* Dermatology

* Diabetes
* Diagnostics/medical devices
* Gastroenterology/hepatology
* Ophthalmology
* Oncology
* Paediatric health and nutrition
* Pain management
* Public health and disease prevention
* Respiratory disease
* Rare diseases

* Rheumatology
* Men's health
* Women’s health


  • Alimera Sciences
  • British Dupuytren's Society
  • Camcon Medical
  • Infant & Toddler Forum
  • Insmed
  • Leadiant Biosciences
  • MDNA Life Sciences
  • Meningitis Research Foundation
  • MZP Tech
  • Natia Care
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Nutricia
  • Nutricia Global
  • SOBI
  • Target Ovarian Cancer
  • Trudell Medical


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Stefi Rucci
Managing Director
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White Papers and Resources

The impact of 5G on digital marketing

Excitement around the next generation of internet connectivity is mounting, as it promises to revolutionise the way we interact with the world. The question for communications professionals is what will be the impact of 5G on digital marketing?

COVID-19 is redefining the value of ‘critical jobs’: An opportunity for social care?
How to keep your weight under control during lockdown
Brands stepping up to show solidarity during COVID-19

The brands that are stepping up to show solidarity during COVID-19 will be those that are remembered long after pandemic passes.

Language barriers: Obesity has become a loaded word
All Change: The Challenges of Embracing a Plant-Based Diet

Rick Wilson – Director of Nutrition and Dietetics at Kings College Hospital for 30 years up to his retirement in 2015, BSc. RD (retired) – looks at some of the considerations and challenges of eating a plant-based diet to benefit the planet

Power to the People: Why consultation is key for improved patient outcomes
Meningitis Research Foundation has been working with Say Communications to help boost our public consultation on a Roadmap to Defeat Meningitis. But with over 100 experts providing detailed information on the draft roadmap, why is a public consultation so vital for patient outcomes?
What can soaps do for symptoms awareness?
Brand new to PR? Keep calm and pitch on!
The price of healthy eating
Is Dr Google a 21st-century necessity?
Using storytelling to cut through the chatter in a crowded marketplace
5 Ways to Communicate With Millennials About Healthcare
Londonvelophobia (fear of cycling in London) – debunked
How Helpful are Simple Health Messages?
Australian Flu and the dilemma of naming diseases
How human differences can affect communication success by Samantha Lynne
DISC Consultant Samantha Lynne examines how human differences affect communication success.
Could hackers threaten your health?
Increasing cyber threats mean medical device providers must now take security matters more seriously, writes our Say technology blogger.
Can we ‘outsmart’ smartphone addiction by using it to develop effective health apps?
Are you guilty of repeatedly checking your phone 24/7? Our new blog explores what makes them so addictive and how understanding this may help us develop more effective health apps.
Why I think rare disease companies are more patient-centric
Guest blogger Kamlesh Sheth believes companies that specialise in rare disease tend to be more patient-centric.
Embracing the demands of the empowered ‘consumer-savvy’ patient by Ann Generlich
A Spotlight on Healthcare Communications Advocacy by Alastair Kent
Am I all grown up yet? My first year in a real, adult, full-time job.
Lost for words? Try picturing this… by Mark Spain and Sharon Ombler-Spain
The Two Visual Thinkers' blog about the benefits of recording information visually to engage and educate a variety of audiences.
Take a walk on the wild side!
The Say Comms team are raising money for The Haemophilia Society with a walk-a-thon sponsor them here
Diabetes: Let’s cut the Gordian knot by Debashis Bhattacharya and Kamlesh Sheth
Digital health specialists Aegleio suggest that a culture change is needed to cope with the rise of diabetes in the UK.
B2B social media: a spring 2016 review
Is your social media strategy on point? Take a look at the latest trends in B2B social media.
Why everyone is standing-up to the sitting-down problem
Are the exercise gurus really onto something? Find out how workplace fitness can boost your health and reduce your bum, while helping you become more productive throughout the day.
No one needs to go hungry in London
Our Say blogger returns to St James’s Church Winter Shelter for an overnight shift for the West London Day Centre charity.
Should We Care About Rare Diseases? By Alastair Kent
Alastair Kent, OBE, the Director of Genetic Alliance UK and chair of Rare Disease UK tells us why it’s so important to care about rare disease and why we should show our support on the Rare Disease Day: 29th February 2016
Breaking Down the Barriers to Behaviour Change by Patrick Ladbury
Patrick Ladbury, the Director at the NSMC delves further into the barriers to behaviour change, and offers us tricks of the trade in his second instalment.
Changing faces – overcoming the taboo of marketing to a mature audience
Our new blog highlights the challenges for communicating to consumers who are 50+ and how they must be tackled in order to create marketing opportunities.
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!
Our team’s motivations behind cycling on two static bikes for 282 miles - the equivalent of London to Paris, to raise money for British Dupuytren’s Society. Please donate!
Life hacks to stay safe online
Conducting our cyber lives, we easily forget and probably ignore the dangers our careless online behaviour can cause. Our new blog provides advice on personal IT to help you to remain safe online.
How will child public health be prioritised? by Alison Wall
Public health strategist Alison Wall stresses the importance of child public health as a commissioning responsibility.
Cold weather is yet to start at St James’s Winter Shelter
First shift at the St James’s Church Winter Shelter, cooking dinner for fifteen of London’s homeless, and encourages us all to consider volunteering this winter.
Keeping A&E usage to a minimum – the comms challenges
Say’s latest blog takes a festive trip to A&E, and reflects on the comms challenges facing this overworked department.
2015 was avid for the avocado
In 2015 avocado trended across the media. One Say blogger wonders what PR lessons we can learn from this healthy fruit?
Doctor doctor, where are all the men?
New data show that half of men put off visiting the doctor. Why is this and what can be done to prevent it?
Digital health: Breaking barriers in Health by Debashis Bhattacharya and Kamlesh Sheth
Co-founding directors of Aegleio, Kamlesh Sheth and Debashis Bhattacharya, urge us to welcome digital health.
Celebrities communicating a health or charity message by Jenny Agutter
Call the Midwife star Jenny Agutter talks about the power of celebrity in communicating health and charity messages.
Can Bitcoin make your medical records more secure?
Discover why the data encryption technology 'blockchain' could be the safest option for the future of medical records storage
Communicating the prevention message by Tam Fry
Tam Fry, spokesperson of the National Obesity Forum, discusses how prevention is key to tackling the childhood obesity epidemic in the UK.
Why is behaviour change so difficult? By Patrick Ladbury, Communications Manager at the National Social Marketing Centre.
Patrick Ladbury nudges us to overcome the barriers to behaviour change. Read on to find out.
Why is the UK lagging behind the rest of Europe in cancer survival?
Say Communications, London healthcare PR agency, discusses the latest technologies that will improve cancer survival rates in UK
England may be losers, but is your health a winner?
England is out of the 2015 rugby world cup, but is your health a winner?
Is Technology Harming Your Brain?
Is technology harming your brain? Saycomms healthcare PR team confronts different opinions on how technology affects memories and attention span.
Machine-made humans: a spooky prospect
The healthcare team at Saycomms PR asks if major advances in 3D printing and bioprinting could lead to machine-made humans.
The vitamin D deficiency: should we act?
Healthcare PR agency Say Communications analyses whether headlines are able to trigger a behavioural change with regards to the vitamin D deficiency issue.
Is obesity the new smoking?
Is obesity the new smoking? The healthcare PR team at Say communications analyses the question posed by NHS Chief executive Simon Stevens.
Children, the weight issue and how we deal with this responsibly?
Say Communication, Healthcare PR Agency, looks at how children deal with the weight issue and how we can approach it responsibly.
Longevity but at what price?
Say Communications, healthcare PR agency, analyses the prospect of living to 150 years old, thanks to the anti-ageing biomedical research, and what PR will look like.
Allergies – Always a story
Saycomms looks into the seasonal trend of allergies stories in the media and the communication campaigns launched in UK in 2015.
When is sun safety doing more harm than good?
Say Communications analyses the impact of sun safety campaigns in the news and on consumers
Energy drinks and heart disease
Say Communications analyses the link between energy drinks and heart disease and how the issue has been covered in the media.
23andMe – is DNA screening ethical?
Say Communications reflects on the ethical side of DNA screening.
Blog the brand builder

This report looks into current practice in B2B marketing communications, the importance of online reputation, and the opportunities offered by social media. It confirms the move online and suggests that some businesses see this as a means to do more with less.

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Communiqué Awards 2019: Professional Education Programmes (Highly Commended)

PRCA DARE Awards South East 2019: Campaign Challenges (finalist)

Stevie Awards 2020: International Business Awards - Public Relations Agency of the Year in Europe (Bronze Stevie Winner)

PMEA 2019: Excellence in patient education and support (finalist)


Multi-channel communications campaign

“This particular initiative has helped to fill a vacuum, providing the rationale and the tools for change. The enthusiasm and speed of adoption among some of the partners and parents since the launch shows that the programme is already influencing behavioural change and positive engagement. We see this as a blueprint for joint working and social engagement.”
Infant & Toddler Forum corporate supporter


Say Communications is founder and partner of The Plexus Group, a worldwide network of specialized PR companies.
Founded in 2001, The Plexus Group works with international PR, communications, social media and online marketing. Working together with The Plexus Group, companies benefit from tailored and scalable communications solutions, supporting both global and local strategies thus maximising results and

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The impact of 5G on digital marketing
Excitement around the next generation of internet connectivity is mounting, as it promises to revolutionise the way we interact with the world. The question for communications professionals is what will be the impact of 5G on digital marketing?
Say Communications
COVID-19 is redefining the value of ‘critical jobs’: An opportunity for social care?

Say Communications
How to keep your weight under control during lockdown

Say Communications
Brands stepping up to show solidarity during COVID-19
The brands that are stepping up to show solidarity during COVID-19 will be those that are remembered long after pandemic passes.
Say Communications

Say Communications
Language barriers: Obesity has become a loaded word

Say Communications