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Grabbing your audience*

Highlighting one of our recent pieces of work - a powerful disease awareness film created in partnership with Watchable Films

Attention spans are down – this probably isn’t news to many; it started roughly when smartphones were introduced.  Significantly, there’s also a whole lot more ‘stuff’ out there to fill our time and social media feeds.
For something to resonate, it needs to tell a truth, have immediate impact, and remain authentic.

What have you seen recently that you can instantly recall?  We believe in the power of film. This is why we worked with our partners at Watchable, and the film’s Director Theo Delaney in particular, to produce this disease burden film for our client and a number of European patient advocacy groups.
Our strategic development process was rigorous, working with a clinical psychologist to ensure the tone and content hit the mark.

Our film, Leo's Story, is about the impact of a condition, about isolation.  It’s quite dark at points - have a watch.

It’s been released across Europe, with tens of thousands of views after just a couple of weeks.
Our favourite feedback on social media? ‘Wow. Feels like finally someone understands. Thank you

To find out how we can help you and your brand grab your audience* give us a call.

Anton Abrahams, Strategic Director, Solaris Health /

* by the nuts

6th December 2017



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Grabbing your audience*
Highlighting one of our recent pieces of work - a powerful disease awareness film created in partnership with Watchable Films
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