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PMEA win for TVF Communications and AbbVie Healthcare!

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the ‘Excellence in Training Capability Development’ Award at this year’s PMEA ceremony, for our joint effort with AbbVie in the development of ‘The Story of HS: A Patient Journey’. It has been a privilege working with AbbVie over the past year to develop engaging and contextualised eLearning programs, in order to help the Key Account Managers (KAMs) to really understand the story of the patient suffering from the disease.

“The Story of HS took an innovative approach to training in a new therapy area. It was really refreshing to see the work incorporate research into the patient journey, bringing to life training in a disease area from the patient's perspective. With the addition of pre and post assessment, this was an excellent patient-centred approach to training compared to approaches normally taken.”

Ella, a fictional character, guided the user through their learning, providing real-life context and an emotional understanding behind the disease. However, this was just one layer of a diversified approach to KAM training, encompassing interactive games, quiz questions and knowledge-consolidation exercises to support learning.

TVF have now supported the development of ‘patient pathway’ eLearning programs for over 15 indications / products, with the demand for this style of learning continuing to spread throughout the organisation. The programs are just one part of AbbVie’s cutting-edge blended curriculum, which supports key aspects of learning through different media. Our core goal is the optimum education of those who have direct conversations with HCPs, and therefore have the ability to change the lives of patients, through provision of clear, correct information which puts the patient first. Given the feedback so far, we have firm belief that our novel educational approach will continue to succeed in this primary aim.

6th December 2016