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TVF Communications shortlisted for two awards at PMEA 2016!

The Rare Disease and Training teams at TVF Communications are delighted to be shortlisted once again for two prestigious awards at this year’s PMEA event. The entries illustrate two of TVF’s core competencies: ‘Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs’, and ‘Excellence in Training Capability Development’. The former award requires demonstration of a “thorough understanding of the specific healthcare environment”, and a “tailored approach” to “drive the business forward”; while the latter requires educational initiatives to be “well planned, sustainable and integrated into overall direction and strategy.”

In partnership with our clients, TVF strive to make a real difference to the healthcare landscape, by getting the right messages to the right audience at the right time. Both shortlisted initiatives are aspects of broader over-arching strategies, with the ultimate aim to improve the lives of patients around the globe. For both target diseases, Hunter Syndrome (MPS II) and Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), a timely diagnosis is imperative, as the early symptoms are often mistaken for far more common and far less severe conditions – delaying effective treatment.

This is particularly vital for MPS II, where a core objective is to raise awareness of the early signs of disease among key referring physicians, with a call to action to refer to a geneticist if the syndrome is suspected. We encapsulated this message in an animated infographic conveying key prevalence data to emphasise the progressive nature of the disease and the quality of life benefits of prompt treatment. The video format allowed for an extended reach to target physicians beyond the reps on the ground, leveraging YouTube and email campaigns to optimise visibility. With over one thousand views on the last three months, we are confident that we are already raising awareness – and the metrics agree with us!

HS is also a complex disease, which requires close communication between Key Account Managers (KAMs) and physicians, in order to maximise awareness of both the disease and the available treatments. Supporting these conversations meant supplying KAMs with detailed yet flexible training – something we successfully achieved through the development of a dynamic, fully interactive eLearning tool. As well as utilising key tactics to prompt knowledge-retention, we structured the content along the patients’ journey, bringing the typical treatment pathway to life. This deep understanding of the healthcare environment and patients’ experiences with the disease has prepared KAMs for new and insightful conversations with physicians.

We are very excited to be recognised for two projects which reflect both our key strengths as an agency, and our dedication to improving the lives of patients - and look forward to the ceremony on 23rd November!

20th October 2016