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Wave Healthcare Communications

We combine scientific, medical and brand expertise to deliver clinically focused programmes that are trusted by HCPs, drive better patient outcomes, and are delivered by face-to-face and digital broadcast channels.

Every programme is designed with the right content, format, technology and channel. Our unique team structure prioritises quality of delivery, with an exceptionally high proportion of editorial colleagues to ensure industry-leading compliance management, coupled with an unusually senior client service team to ensure our clients receive the support they deserve.

#Clinically Relevant Thinking

Clinically compelling programmes are what matter to us. They need to be founded on a solid, compelling scientific platform, reflective of the beliefs of clinicians and sympathetic to the challenges they face in optimising patient care.

Science alone isn’t enough; a thorough understanding of current healthcare professional practice and the beliefs driving treatment behaviour is critical, therefore much of our focus in the development of programmes is on building successful collaborations with healthcare professionals.

Improving patient outcomes

Our medical communication programmes are designed to help healthcare professionals make optimal clinical choices to improve patient outcomes.

We begin by establishing the key questions clinicians have when considering new treatments:

  • Which patients will benefit most?
  • How do we start treatment?
  • What should we know about monitoring and managing side effects?
  • What do we tell patients?
  • When do we switch treatment?

We develop a clinical story based on:

  • The disease area picture
    • Treatment landscape
    • Unmet clinical need
    • Patient insights
  • The clinical story
    • Clinical trial data
    • Real world evidence
  • The clinician’s perspective
    • Clinical expertise
    • Clinical leadership & advocacy

Then tell the story via multichannel programmes tailored to:

  • How and where HCPs engage
  • The channels that are most appropriate
  • The content that is most relevant

That’s why we call it clinically relevant thinking.

Areas of Expertise

  • Abstracts, posters and slide decks
  • Advisory and consultancy work
  • Advocacy development and management
  • Brand education & message development
  • Congress support (face to face & broadcast)
  • Consensus meetings and publications
  • Digital content strategy and development
  • Disease awareness campaigns
  • Educational meetings (face to face & broadcast)
  • External expert mapping & engagement
  • Internal communications and training programmes
  • Medical education strategy development
  • MSL-led programmes and support
  • Multichannel marketing and customer journey planning
  • Patient communications
  • Salesforce-led programmes
  • Scientific platform development
  • Standalone meetings & events (face to face & broadcast)

Broadcast medical education – our next generation approach to digital communication

In recent years we have invested hugely in what we have come to know as broadcast medical education as our programmes are increasingly delivered via laptop or mobile devices, rather than the meeting-based approach that dominated medical communications for decades.

Broadcast medical education is now at the heart of what we do. While this began with webinars, it now means a great deal more, as it all centres around our digital customer journey. We have learned that it is possible to make digital broadcast programmes as effective and influential as the meetings they replace.

If integrating digital broadcast and face-to-face programmes remains a challenge, do get in touch – we’re happy to share our thoughts based on our previous successes, with everything from advisory boards to 3-day congresses designed and delivered in this way.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and an understanding of the role these play in our mission to improve patient outcomes. We believe that a diverse range of people, opinions and experiences are fundamental to shaping our success, and the success of the medical communications we deliver.


James Seed
Managing Director
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Emma Wheale
Business Unit Director
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Alison Springham
Finance Director
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Rachel Farrow
Consultant Director
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Gareth Tucker
Commercial Director
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PM Society Digital Awards

  • 2022 Silver Award: Evolving Campaigns for Success
  • 2021 Gold Award: HCP Education, Training & Support
  • 2021 Bronze Award: HCP Education, Training & Support
  • 2021 Finalist: Meetings & Events: Meetings & Events

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