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Digital Pharma Advances 2018: Attend our presentation in London

We are very excited to be attending and speaking at The Digital Pharma Advances Conference, held January 30th in London.
The Digital Pharma Advances Conference.

Be sure to find Jack McInnes, Customer Engagement Manager, and Sari Carter, Digital Strategist, at 
The Digital Pharma Advances Conference – and don't miss the chance to attend Sari’s presentation about digital transformation and customer experience at 16.20: Are You CPR Certified? Don’t Let Your Digital Transformation Die on the Table

About the presentation

At the moment, we are hearing a lot about digital transformation and the rapidly changing world around us. Most of us are aware of this new reality but with this awareness comes a lot of questions – How do we adapt to this transformation? How do we change the more conservative mindsets of others? How do we serve our customers while continuing to serve the needs of our business?

At Anthill, while building our Digital Transformation Framework, we observed a pattern in impactful tactics compared to those tactics, that no matter how clever they seemed, fell flat. This is how the three principles of CPR came to life – Connectedness, Personalisation and Readiness.

We believe that these three principles are the key to turning the knowledge you have and the tactics you’re already creating into a digital experience that will create an emotional connection with your customer – a journey that works for them.

Using examples from outside of the pharma industry Sari will explore the untapped opportunities within pharma that will challenge you to consider how you think about customer experience and help you be a part of the rapidly transforming digital world.

Join Sari’s presentation and hear more about connectedness, personalisation and readiness and how using these three principles can help you transform while performing.

Where to find Anthill

Feel free to approach us at booth #9 to chat more about Anthill’s view on digital transformation and how you can join our BoldPharma movement.

Here's who you can expect:

Jack McInnes, Customer Engagement Manager, LinkedIn
Sari Carter, Digital Strategist, LinkedIn

Can't attend?

Keep up to date with the latest digital advances for our industry by following us on twitter, @Anthill_Agency. We will live tweet the event and follow up with an event summary soon after. 

22nd January 2018



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Digital Pharma Advances 2018: Attend our presentation in London
We are very excited to be attending and speaking at The Digital Pharma Advances Conference, held January 30th in London.
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