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How to provide affiliate-friendly content

To ensure that your core content gets used by affiliates, empowerment is key. Here are two simple strategies to achieve it.
The worst-case scenario for core digital materials is that they simply don’t get used by affiliates. When this happens it generally is not the content itself – the messages, graphics or MoA animations – that’s at fault. So, what’s the real problem? And how can you solve it?

Why things can go wrong

When it comes to international digital content, the often first step is to admit that it’s impossible to know everything from HQ. There will be many different content demands: local markets have specific needs, as do all the HCPs that they are in contact with. Trying to find a single answer that works for everyone can end up pleasing no one.

The good news is that you can give yourself a break – switching from a ‘command and control’ mindset to an approach that seeks to empower people locally to act.

The content strategy that works: empowerment

Rather than trying to work on micro level yourself, it’s better (and far easier) to enable people to make decisions locally about what works for their particular situation. That means making your content flexible and adaptable.

If this sounds complicated or impractical, it really isn’t. It’s just a question of enabling choices and giving people options. It can be very simple.

Two empowerment approaches

There are two very straightforward avenues to consider: empowering the rep or the HCP.

Enabling reps to use core materials more effectively is achieved by transforming your content flow into more of a menu. At Anthill, we call this the ‘dynamic agenda’, which is a way for customer-facing staff to quickly select content and have it assembled into a presentation.

Because they should know most about their customers, the dynamic agenda enables customer-facing staff to tailor the information for each meeting. It works (and get used) because it makes the content flexible and involves people by powering choices. There’s no loss of central control because it’s still core content; they are just using their advantage of being close to the customer to deliver it more effectively.

You can take this further by empowering HCPs to make decisions about the content that they want to see. Such ‘smart content’ responds to user choices – allowing them to follow any route that they want through the material.

This enables people to address their own immediate needs. For example, a doctor who has just experienced a patient complaining about treatment side effects will be much more interested in learning about this than about the health economic benefits. By discovering the HCP’s problems first, you make every conversation relevant.

Smart content puts HCPs in the driving seat, empowering them to make your content fit their particular needs. And, because it works so effectively, local markets embrace this kind of core sales material.

The truth is that people will only use what they find useful. In digital communications, useful means: providing tangible value for reps, meeting different needs simultaneously, working reliably, and being truly effective at engaging healthcare professionals.

Get more international digital marketing strategies

With many years’ experience working at a headquarters level on global pharma campaigns, Anthill knows what it takes to enable affiliates to deliver high-value communications to their stakeholders. Now many of these strategies and techniques have been compiled into an e-book: The HQ Digital Marketing Handbook.

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21st December 2017



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