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How Ease of Access to HES Data Benefits HCPs & Key NHS Stakeholders

Article written August 27th 2021

How Ease of Access to HES Data Benefits HCPs & Key NHS Stakeholders

Patient data from hospitals is incredibly valuable to the NHS and other healthcare providers, not to mention pharmaceutical brands.

In the UK, Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data provides some of the most compelling data and can be used for a variety of purposes, but principally to improve health outcomes.

How is HES data collected?

NHS Digital collects the HES data, which is a record of all hospital activity in England – comprising inpatient, outpatient and A&E data. HES data records approximately 16 million episodes of care each year.

The HES database ensures commissioners, analysts, clinicians and NHS staff have access to patient-specific data, helping them improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. The data is also used for statistical analysis and making sure providers are accurately reimbursed for the care they have provided.

Because HES records every ‘episode’ of patient care, it can help identify when a patient has had more than one episode of care during a single stay in hospital, as well as which consultant/specialism has provided this care. It also captures information relating to co-morbidities, length of stay and any procedures a patient has undergone whilst admitted, as well as any treatment provided by a private provider under contract, outpatient or emergency care encounters.

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3rd March 2022


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