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Stand-out Marketing: How to Stay One Step Ahead in Pharma

What do you need to do in order to stand out from the crowd in Pharma marketing? (Article written February 26th 2022)

Stand-out Marketing: How to Stay One Step Ahead in Pharma

Pharma marketers are forced to be more inventive than most. Our industry thrives on innovation. We’re creatively solving business problems to make brands stand out and remain memorable – with great results.

However, standing out by using gimmicks or creativity for creativity’s sake can backfire in Pharma, where your audience will see right through irrelevant or shallow tactics. It’s vital to focus on your target market and your knowledge of what they need and want to see.

This is especially true in the current fragmented media landscape, where you need to tailor strategies according to your audience’s habits and preferences across each channel. It’s all about striking the right balance between creativity, relevance and authority to earn the attention of your audience.

Overcoming the age-old challenge of differentiation

As an agency, it can be very difficult to stand out. Ultimately, we are all trying to do the same thing and, while our results may be exemplary, others also do a very good job. The way to differentiate, then, is in the way we do it. The unique characteristics, talents and knowledge within our team, a distinctive approach and of course what we’re like to work with as people. Much of our success comes down to the relationships we have with our clients and our in-depth understanding of their products and audience.

However, our task is to help clients differentiate and stand out themselves. And this means identifying what makes their brand unique, the needs of their target market that are still unmet and the creative parameters expected in their particular field. Once we understand the lie of the land, we can see what opportunities are available to make a campaign stand out.

We’ll also be able to determine which promotional tactics and channels will be most effective. Today, this means considering the full spectrum of media open to us, and understanding how a select few, or maybe all, of them can be used effectively.

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4th March 2022


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