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Utilising Patient Insight in Pharma Marketing

The importance in understanding the patients view point when marketing in Pharma (Article written August 30th 2021)

Utilising Patient Insight in Pharma Marketing

Successful campaigns are underpinned by a deep understanding of customer needs. This customer insight is a key component of all great marketing ideas; without it, a campaign may struggle to achieve the desired level of engagement or conversion.

In the pharma world, insights can be drawn from various places, but those drawn from patient data are arguably the most powerful.

As well as giving pharma brands valuable insight into their disease area, patient data can ensure that drugs are administered correctly, in turn reducing the cost burden on national health services.

Moreover, brands that are seen to put patients first – by taking account of their preferences, behaviours and treatment experiences – naturally tend to enjoy a stronger reputation.

As such, closer engagement with patients can deliver insights that lead to more effective treatments, better health outcomes and more impactful marketing. But how can pharma brands go about attaining these insights?

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3rd March 2022


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