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OUTiCO joins Uniphar family of UK companies

Star was acquired by Uniphar in 2015, and is delighted to share the news that OUTiCO has now joined the Uniphar family of UK companies.

Uniphar Group plc (‘Uniphar) is a leading provider of outsourced services to the pharmaco-medical sector throughout Ireland and the UK, with a diverse customer base and an annual turnover in excess of €1.3bn; the company is a trusted partner of choice for the healthcare sector. OUTiCO Limited (‘OUTiCO’) is a specialist outsourcing organisation that leverages multi-channel account management provision, benchmarking intelligence and consultancy services, to create sustainable profitability for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies across the UK. 

OUTiCO will operate as an independent company within Uniphar’s Manufacturer Services division, under the continued leadership of founders Paul Black and Mike Cooper, and collaborating with Star as required by customers’ needs. “Our vision for the UK is to provide a fully integrated suite of outsourced activities across our market access, commercial and clinical divisions to assist our pharmaco – medical partners in the development of innovative product life optimisation strategies. Attracting and retaining entrepreneurial, creative and innovative business leaders to Uniphar is essential to our strategy,” explains Uniphar Manufacturer Services’ Managing Director, Padraic Dempsey.

“The successful acquisition of Star in 2015 enabled us to deliver talented people for outsourced teams and headcount opportunities.
“OUTiCO’s value proposition is very different; the multi-channel account management approach maximises technology to engage with NHS stakeholders in new and customer-friendly ways. This is a new level of flexibility for Uniphar.”

“OUTiCO brings together the expertise of an ever-expanding team of experienced sales and marketing professionals, industry-leading customer preference data, and digital communication channels,” explains OUTiCO’s Chief Operating Officer, Paul Black. “It’s an innovative approach that allows us to instantly flex to suit healthcare professionals’ preferences in a continually evolving commercial landscape.”

Mike Cooper, Managing Director at OUTiCO continues: “Multi-channel account management and OUTiCO have experienced phenomenal growth over the past 4 years, but we knew we needed a partner with scale and diversity to realise multi-channel account management’s enormous potential. Significantly for us, the cultural and entrepreneurial synergy between ourselves, Uniphar and Star makes this a natural fit. Our combined networks and resources will enable us to take multi-channel account management to the next level.”

“OUTiCO delivers an additional set of different, innovative services that perfectly complement and integrate with Star’s existing commercial offering,” said Star’s Chief Operating Officer, Tim Webster.

Lucy O’Neill, General Manager at Star, continues: “Both businesses are strong in their own spaces but together we significantly augment our capability to precisely tailor solutions to meet a broader variety of complex needs. We’re able to partner with our customers to enhance NHS engagement with even greater flexibility.”

For more information:
Lucy O’Neill | General Manager, Star | 01628 581 240 |
Mike Cooper | Managing Director, OUTiCO | 07775 702 142 | |

7th April 2017