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Behaviour change through medical education: How can we turn aspiration into reality?

Practical, evidence-based insights into a CME process that aims to effect measurable behaviour change

Continuing medical education (CME) programmes are a vital component of medical affairs strategy. CME aims to facilitate life-long learning among clinicians to enhance their performance through understanding and application of best practice. However, demonstrating a clear relationship between participation in CME and the desired behaviour change in the clinic is challenging. The multifactorial nature of clinical decision-making means that improvement in knowledge does not automatically translate into better clinician performance or patient outcomes. This presents a challenge for medical affairs teams and other CME providers, who are increasingly expected to quantify the impact of programmes on real-world clinical practice.

To address this need, AMICULUM has developed a white paper: ‘Behaviour change through medical education: How can we turn aspiration into reality?’ (click here to view the full article). This resource provides practical, evidence-based insights into a CME process that aims to effect measurable behaviour change via the following steps:

1. Insight gathering

Define your desired behaviour change and understand the behaviour of your target audience

2. Interventions

Design your content in alignment with behaviour change techniques, and deliver your initiative using the most appropriate format

3. Analysis

Employ benchmarking techniques to analyze the success and impact of your initiative

If you would like to know more about effecting measurable behaviour change with your CME initiatives, follow the link below, or contact for further information.

1st April 2020



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