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Leaders leading leaders: objectivity and respecting the micro-leader
Passionate leaders go far. But clip their wings, fail to recognise their skills or respect their passions, and you’re set for uproar. Especially with Gen Z now established in the workforce.
Oh no… not more training
Paul Hutchings, founder of fox&cat, discusses ways to help your team manage pressure in a more human, pressure-centric and engaging way
Want to give perfect client service? Tough luck, you’re human
In this article an ex-client of mine, Liz Skrbkova, and I explore the (unhelpful) pressures of trying to perfect the client-agency relationship
Feeling the pressure?
Pressure affects us all differently. But one thing is certain... left unresolved, pressure will have a lasting negative effect on the culture of your agency
Next Generation Consultancy Launches To Help Creative Agency Teams Manage The Pressures Of Agency Life
A new ‘mould-breaking’ virtual support agency, fox&cat emerges today with a clear mission – to help creative agency teams manage the growing and evolving pressures of agency life. Initial roll-out targets pressurised healthcare communications teams with a network team of ten.