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Innovative Medical Solutions for Postponing and Undoing Age-Related Disease

Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer at SENS Research Foundation, discusses a range of interesting topics surrounding innovative interventions and technologies that could not just postpone, but theoretically reverse, age-related ill-health, including the scientific, regulatory, and ethical barriers to extending life beyond what is “natural.”

19th May 2022



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Top 10 Benefits of Virtual Advisory Boards
As the world is slowly starting to open up again, it can be tempting to rush back to the pre-pandemic days of in-person advisory boards. However, it would be foolish to ignore the many pain points associated with traditional key opinion leader (KOL) engagement. In-person advisory boards require finding a time and place that will work with all advisors’ busy schedules. They also force both Pharma representatives and advisors to travel and take time away from their families and/or work. Not to mention the high cost and environmental impact associated with renting a venue, organizing transportation, food, etc. One can also debate just how effective these “one-off” type meetings really are in terms of gathering insights and fostering authentic relationships. How can you create ongoing engagement with someone you only see once a year?A silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic is the digital transformation of Pharma. Organizations are finally starting to realize that there is another, better way to conduct their meetings and programs. In this article, based on a 2019 Impetus Digital white paper, I share the top 10 benefits (+ a bonus) of virtual advisory boards and why they should be part of every brand’s toolbox in the post-COVID new normal. Read the full blog article here.
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A Fireside Chat with Dr. Bassil Akra, CEO of Akra Team GmbH
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Live Webinar: Scanning for Health Indicators & Risks Through Your Smartphone
A Fireside Chat with Vlado Bosanac, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy and Revenue Growth at Advanced Human Imaging
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Amplifying Opinions of Patients & Caregivers for Higher Quality of Care
Pam Cusick, Senior Vice President of Rare Patient Voice, dives into diversity, equity, and inclusion in Pharma and clinical trials; ways to enhance the patient’s voice in their treatment journey and health decisions; the major barriers to patient-centricity in clinical trials, and much more.
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The Future of MedTech: Streamlined Clinical Data Collection & Management
Jón Ingi Bergsteinsson, Co-founder & CCO at SMART-TRIAL, explores the barriers to, and benefits of, digitalization of clinical operations and trials in the MedTech industry, plus much more!
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