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Top 10 Tips for Creating Company Culture in a Virtual World

For many companies, the transition from in-office to remote or flexible work at the beginning of the pandemic may have started off a bit rocky. However, a recent survey from LinkedIn shows that, among Canada’s newly remote workforce, the original concerns around a lack of productivity or focus appear to have diminished. As this global work-from-home experiment is becoming routine, only 19% of respondents are currently concerned about achieving less at their jobs while remote.

On the other hand, around 36% of respondents continue to struggle to balance their personal and professional lives while working remotely, 32% work longer hours than before, and 27% face challenges communicating with colleagues and customers.

The same survey also shows that remote teams are expected to stick around in the post-COVID new normal, at least for those who want it. In fact, only 17% expect all staff to be onsite five days a week!

At Impetus Digital, we have 12 years of experience working with and managing a 100% remote team. In fact, I have previously explored this topic as part of our Courageous Conversations series, available on YouTube and as a podcast. Based on that, here are my top 10 tips for creating company culture in this virtual world that we live in. Read the full blog article here.

31st March 2022



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