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Women in Leadership: Barriers & Opportunities in the Life Science Industry

Allison Gaw, Executive Director, Corporate and Business Development at Chinook Therapeutics, discusses women in STEM, effective leadership, cross-border collaboration during COVID-19, the future of healthcare, and much more.

11th February 2021



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Impetus Digital

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Impetus Digital
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Lesson Learned from the Pandemic
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Innovation in Research, Digital Solutions and Patient Engagement
Craig Lipset, Founder and Advisor at Clinical Innovation Partners and former Head of Clinical Innovation and Venture Partner at Pfizer, talks about everything from his personal health journey to his professional accomplishments, including the journey from the corporate world to being his own boss. He also discusses decentralized trials, and how COVID-19 is accelerating the uptake of these and the ability of patients to make their own informed decisions. Other innovative concepts such as e-patients, novel clinical trial endpoints, passive data collection, and beyond-the-pill thinking are also explored.  
Impetus Digital