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FREE eBook: The Complete Guide to Virtualizing In-person Meetings

Download our latest eBook for free to learn about the innovative ways clients have used our synchronous and asynchronous virtual tools to engage participants and virtualize their meetings and events.

There is no question about it: 2020 was the year that almost everyone in Pharma went digital. For many, this transition began years ago, but for others, it’s been a dramatic shift in how they conduct day-to-day business and interact with colleagues, key opinion leaders, and customers. Even for those with experience in virtual collaboration and communication, it can be difficult to visualize ways of engaging participants beyond web meetings, chat rooms, and surveys.

At Impetus Digital, we have over 13 years of experience in facilitating virtual advisory boards, working groups, steering committees, and corporate meetings from around the globe. As your customer engagement experts, we can suggest the best strategies and tools for maximizing participant interactivity and engagement rates while minimizing costs and the time needed to complete projects.

In this comprehensive eBook, written by Impetus Digital’s Co-Founder and CEO, Natalie Yeadon, we will take a deep dive into several innovative approaches to virtualize life science meetings and events, including:

  • Advisory boards with healthcare providers and patients.
  • Co-author working groups for the development of consensus documents, patient journey maps, and treatment pathway profiles.
  • Medical education, training, virtual journal clubs, and other learning activities.
  • Internal meetings and events, including company hackathons and “Fishbowl” meetings.
  • Virtual conferences and congresses.

Access the full eBook for FREE here.

5th July 2021



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