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Top 10 Tips to Increase Engagement During Virtual Events

Natalie Yeadon shares her top tips for making your virtual events engaging and interactive

If you are a member of the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS), you might have caught our popular webinar on how COVID-19 has impacted (and will continue to impact) live events. As part of this webinar, we discussed how engagement can be enhanced during virtual events. I also recently shared our top 10 tips for running a successful virtual event. As a follow-up, here, I share my top 10 tips for increasing engagement during virtual events.

1. Don't just rely on static slides for presentations

Don't get me wrong, slides get the job done. However, to take your presentation to the next level, interactive videos or animations should be leveraged. Additionally, other interactive features such as polls or quizzes can be added to encourage participant engagement. Any kind of dynamic content will help keep participants interested and alert, and actively involving them through polls or audience Q&A keeps them on their toes.

At the end of the day, you want to create conversations, not broadcasts.

2. Include a combination of asynchronous and synchronous interaction opportunities

Virtual events should be more than just a series of presentations. If including aspects such as poster sessions or "hot topics" discussion forums, give participants and presenters the option to interact either asynchronously (i.e. on their own time using annotation, discussion forum, or chat functions) or synchronously (in real-time using video). Some people will prefer the former as it gives them more time to review the poster or discussion thread and formulate their thoughts before responding. Others prefer the latter, especially if they are more extroverted or verbose. Offering a combination of engagement tools allows better personalization and thereby optimization of the interactivity.

For more, see the full top-10 list here.

4th May 2021



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