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Virtual MSL/Sales training programs and events

Top 10 ways to leverage the Impetus InSite Platform® for internal MSL/Sales training programs and events

Well-designed internal training programs enable Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), Sales Representatives, and other field staff to better explain, analyze, and discuss the current clinical landscape, available products/devices, new clinical and real-world data, as well as patient lifestyle management strategies. It also improves their overall knowledge of the therapeutic area and improves their ability to clearly and effectively communicate with healthcare providers (HCPs). In turn, this can enable HCPs to make better choices for their patients, theoretically resulting in better treatment outcomes.

In today’s virtual world, online and hybrid training programs and events are becoming commonplace. However, the quality and outcomes vary between programs; that is: if they are even being evaluated. In this top-10 article, we share 10 innovative ways that life science teams can leverage the Impetus InSite Platform® for internal MSL/Sales training programs and events.

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27th June 2022



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