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A day in the life of a PR Account Director

We asked Laura Glover to give us an insight into her role as a PR Account Director at OPEN Health

1) Please briefly describe a typical working day

There really is not a ‘typical’ day in PR and that is why I love it! Priorities and key actions can change at any time based on an event, a new piece of information or a news headline. That is why every morning starts with a large coffee and a scan of the latest health news stories to find anything relevant for the team or our clients.

After the scanning is complete, my days are spent speaking with clients from across different accounts as well as checking in with colleagues. Brainstorming and creating proposals are as much a part of the role as developing and reviewing materials for ongoing projects. We work with multiple clients and on several projects each day, so there is always something interesting to get stuck into.

2) What aspect of your day/role do you most enjoy?

I really enjoy the relationships we build with our clients and giving them honest and considered advice and guidance. I also really enjoy challenging myself to find new ways of working and delivering projects that can make a real difference, either directly or indirectly, to someone who is also having to navigate their illness.

3) What challenges do you typically have to manage?

One of the top challenges for an Account Director is managing time. As a team, we often have to manage and deliver to tight, conflicting deadlines. Balancing team capacity and managing client expectations are key parts of the role.

4) What makes working at OPEN Health great? What’s different about working here?

It sounds so corny, but it really is the people. Even now, while we are still working in a remote environment, we continue to have a lovely culture within the PR team. We make sure to put in the time to talk to each other and catch up on the non-work-related topics that we would previously have discussed over a cup of tea in the office!

5) Do you have any advice for those considering a career as an Account Director

Organise and encourage! PR can be fast paced so organisation is key to ensuring everything is covered, while also keeping a keen eye on the horizon for what is coming next. Encouragement is equally as important as organisation. We all need it at times, so remember to encourage your team, encourage your clients to try new projects and approaches, and encourage yourself to create new, impactful ideas.

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14th September 2021


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A day in the life of a PR Account Director
We asked Laura Glover to give us an insight into her role as a PR Account Director at OPEN Health
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