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Migraine-friendly colours for the home

You may not realise it, but colour impacts migraines. 11 London worked with Teva Pharmaceuticals UK, Dulux Paints and the National Migraine Centre to test this theory among 1,200 migraine sufferers and the results were amazingly consistent.

1 in 5 women and 1 in 15 men suffer from migraine. If you are one of them, you’ll know that lying down in a darkened room can help when a headache occurs. Many factors can trigger a migraine - even something as simple as certain colours.

For migraine sufferers to live their daily life more comfortably, it is important that their environment is supportive. Above all, their living space needs to be calm and soothing.

Our healthcare communications agency 11 London teamed up with Dulux, TEVA UK and the National Migraine Centre to create a migraine-friendly colour scheme, based on the theory that colour impacts migraine. We ran a survey over 1,200 migraine sufferers in order to get a better understanding of the colours they deemed to be most soothing. Surprisingly, the results were very consistent.

Thanks to those 1,200 individuals, we were able to establish a palette of migraine friendly colours. The most popular colours proved to be the following:

- Grey shades (chosen by 68%)

- Light green shades (chosen by 52%)

- Teal (chosen by 47%)

- Light blue shades (chosen by 41%)

The brightest pops of colours such as orange and yellow were chosen by a minority; and the least favourite colour was red (chosen by just 5% of respondents). Red was even referred to as a “problem colour”.

To find out more about our study and to view the colour palette, you can check out our infographic here. If you suffer from migraine yourself, you can find our migraine-friendly paint colours on Dulux.

The references are the following:

Clear SkiesLight TealMountain AirWillow TreeGoose DownShell StoriesPolished PebbleBlue RibbonBlueberry White, and Tranquil Dawn.

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