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Talented trio join 11 London

We’re thrilled to welcome three new faces to enhance our growing team here at 11 London.

We’re thrilled to welcome three new faces to enhance our growing team here at 11 London. Just look what they bring to the socially-distanced party…


A big welcome to our new Business Director, Sarah Speed. Sarah brings a wealth of healthcare client experience from the big three networks – IPG, Omnicom and WPP. Her drive and creative instinct have delivered innovative and award-winning campaigns, including a rare diseases experiential trail, a landmark trials film documentary and CGI animation for a ground-breaking musculoskeletal brand. She’s also managed successful global campaigns for several blockbuster Rx brands.

Recent involvement in the WPP Women In Leadership Program has given Sarah fresh insights into running effective, diverse teams and delivering long-term growth.

“Working with clients to push creative boundaries and bring real change for patients is hugely rewarding – and can also be great fun. With 11 London there’s a huge opportunity to extend innovation into disease awareness and patient programmes.”


Meet our new Senior Integrated Designer, Jenn Baxter. With over 15 years’ creative experience, including at Arthur London, Jenn joins us from GOOD agency, where she was Head of Craft. She brings an array of skills to our creative offering, including design, animation, illustration and video editing.

Jenn admits to being frankly obsessed with excellent craft – she’s retouched a whole DM piece as cross-stitched fabric, painted watercolour illustrations for videos, and created ‘Bug B&B’ signs by hand for a RSPB TV ad. Alongside many standout charity campaigns, Jenn has also worked on major healthcare accounts, including a diabetes campaign for Bayer Health. “Using design to make a positive impact on the world is what I love most, and I’m excited to work on projects that matter.”

She’s on a mission to produce work that stands out, so watch this space.


Bringing a dash of Gallic joie de vivre to 11 London is our lovely new project manager, Florine Morillo, who combines a formidable knowledge of social networks with a passion for ethical causes. Before joining us, Florine worked on influencer marketing, learning how to think outside the box and bring disruptive creative ideas to life on Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok. She has also worked for Fundación Ecomar, a Spanish charity aiming to protect the sea.

Florine, who speaks four languages, has lived in France, Spain and England. She’s relishing the opportunity 11 London offers to work on projects that really matter. “I deeply care for the environment, which led me to join a company whose ethics allow me to make a difference. And if I can help make Earth a better place rather than chasing Planet B, I’ll be in peace!”

About 11 London

11 London is an advertising and communications agency, based in West London. We work in the areas of health and humanity - with organisations, brands or products that improve or prolong life. To learn more about 11 London, please contact:

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