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Page & Page and Partners

For those who can imagine better, Page & Page and Partners (P&P) is home to meaningful encounters of a marketing, communication and creative kind: a place where clients, their audiences and imagination come together in innovative and sustaining ways.

We are a creative communications agency specialising in health, lifestyle and wellness, here to help extraordinary people do extraordinary things. Things that take more effort, more imagination, more guts…

Our approach
To be a P&P team member you have to be a particular type of person. You have to believe that it is only by seeing the world out other people’s eyes that you can solve real-life challenges, gain insight and make true progress. We call it active consideration.

Collaboration and imagination
Seeing the word through other people's eyes gives us the power to think differently, implement and craft new solutions.

Our 4Ds process
Our risk mitigating process ensures that all our projects follow a tight, transparent framework which includes:
– Insight mining to discover and define integrated strategic communications
– Data analysis to optimise the use of media and create compelling content
– Identification of key performance indicators to ensure campaigns deliver measurable business results

Every campaign we develop is based upon an audience insight. It’s using this insight creatively that ensures our clients to meet their business objectives.
We describe it as effective creativity from better process.
What we do
Rescue – transforming struggling brands into market leaders
Revitalise – breathing new life into stale brands to gain a competitive edge
Re-position – preparing brands to capitalise on upcoming trends and future-proof their business
Launch – activating brands to capture the curiosity of new audiences and reinforcing loyalty of existing ones

How we do it – by tapping into your imagination (and doing some shoe shifting)
We all spend a lot of time with our heads down, working hard on campaigns. But every now and again, we think it’s healthy to put the day-to-day work to one side and consider some of the bigger issues.

We run the Imagine Sessions in a variety of inspiring (and often secret) venues where we bring together leading healthcare communicators in an informal environment to imagine how things could
be done differently. No deadlines, bosses or shareholders to worry about for an evening. In fact, no rules at all, except to let your imagination run free, share ideas and see what comes out.

Forget the Box ( 2014)
We’ve written a book designed to help business people collaborate with creative people. We focus on the brief as a bridge, giving everyone a stake in a better outcome. Inspiring you to go beyond expectations and ensuring effective use of time, budget and energy.

Areas of Expertise

  • Creative facilitation: We facilitate workshops focused on brand building and for the development of successful communication, whatever the end media. It is our job to stimulate your imagination.
  • Campaign development: We produce award-winning beautifully crafted campaigns that generate measurable success. We imagine, create, write and design for word-of-mouth, digital, print, exhibition. In fact, the medium we choose will be entirely appropriate to the insights and ideas we’re using to reach your target audience.
  • Brand strategy: Businesses need to be clear about their purpose. In this day and age if people are to immerse themselves in your brand, that purpose has to go beyond being purely commercial.
  • Digital & design: Digital is an attitude and not a strategy. The key to success with any digital channel is in interrupting the target audiences’ media habits which in turn means having a clear strategy. Digital can be functional and digital can be entertainment – or it can be something in between.


Kate Page
Co-founder, Managing and Creative Director
Stephen Page
Co-founder, Strategy Director
Molly Coxon
Partner, Operations & Business Director
Paul Hayhow
Partner, Creative Services Director
Rachel Harris
Partner, Client Relationship Director
Lisa Lishman
Partner, Commercial Director
Asma Shirazi
Senior Account Director
Sophie Rutherford
Account Director
Emily Sidlow
Scientific Strategist
Isabelle Nicholson-Rose
Account Director
Megan Storer
Account Manager
Eliza Hancock
Kirstie Turner
Senior Writer
Virginie Launois
Office Manager
Russell Dowling
Creative Artworker
Kristian Webb
Partner, Scientific Director

Press Releases

How can Pharma help HCPs face Dr. Google?

A correct diagnosis can sometimes take time and patients often look for online support groups and communities to help so improving communications around health and wellbeing is the most effective way to mitigate against the rise of ‘cyberchondria’ born from self-diagnosis and Dr. Google.

The power of communication: Engaging diverse groups in healthcare

Humans are diverse and communications to engage us need to be inclusive. It’s no longer about talking to a group, a cohort or an imagined section of society - especially in healthcare. Communication and the strategy behind it needs to be more personal to ensure that people – whoever they are – feel valued and respected.

Healthcare agency Page & Page and Partners welcomes wave of new talent

Page & Page and Partners has welcomed six new joiners across its Creative and Client Services teams.

Senior team at Page & Page become Partners
Page & Page and Partners are announcing the appointment of their senior management team to partners in the agency. The new partners will be actively involved in shaping the future of the business as well as having a financial stake in its future.
Page & Page welcomes Clare Bates to the team

Page & Page is delighted to welcome Clare Bates to their rapidly expanding team. She brings 17 years’ experience which includes developing content for the pharma and medical devices industries.

Page & Page: PMEA finalists 2018

Page & Page have been shortlisted for the "Excellence in Marketing Established Products" award for their work in the nutrition industry.

Page & Page are Growing

In the past month Page & Page have taken on three new starters, so we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce them to you.

Page & Page: How much longer can they keep it a secret?
With the appointment of Paul Townley-Jones as Director of Brand and Strategy and Richard Rizzo-Hills as Senior Account Manager, Page & Page continue to grow the agency’s offering across the widest range of media.

White Papers and Resources

You’re sitting on a time bomb, so think harder and give more!

A new philosophy for a new age?

Can Artificial Intelligence Solve the Healthcare Crisis?

Healthcare systems around the world are already struggling to meet the demands of an ageing population, the rising incidence of chronic diseases, escalating healthcare costs and a deficit of healthcare workers.

What constitutes a great creative brief?

We asked, you answered, and the results are in… what really does go into a great creative brief?

There's power in collaboration

Over the past few years we have seen the world go through a period of rapid change, facing unexpected challenges and unpredicted turmoil.

Are you crazy enough to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?

We all do it, don’t we? We all follow well-trodden paths and long-standing habits because that is often the best way to manage resources and logistics. I think we’re excused…

Is communication failing us?

Compelling people to care in a world oversaturated with news and information

Pharmacogenomics supports and new era of precision medicine

Advances in medical science are always working towards the same goals; to improve quality of life, and clinical and economic outcomes for patients, caregivers, and health providers alike. But drug regimens are not necessarily risk-free.

The communication challenge of helping he next generation to be healthier

As the pressure on the health service increases the health of the next generation is vital for everyone. How do we show positive attitudes and change behaviour while future proofing our communications to ensure they are heard by a generation surrounded by so much technology?

Are we losing sight of what the democratisation of healthcare really looks like?
We have a core responsibility as healthcare communicators to consistently drive for better inclusion, engagement and compliance. What does the ‘democratisation of healthcare’ really look like?
Be Patient

Awareness raising is key to boosting patient involvement and engendering trust.

Time to improve healthcare outcomes

We live in an era of robust and thorough evidence and there is no place for historical biases and that requires everyone involved to look beyond women’s reproductive cycle and take a more holistic approach to the health of half the world’s population.

Embrace mental health first aiders for better work wellbeing

Mental health first aid can work as a vital steppingstone to instilling good mental health practices into wider company culture and ensure everyone knows what to be looking out for in others, as well as themselves

What does the future hold for clinical trial recruitment?

The past couple of years have raised several aspects of healthcare in the public’s consciousness – and one of the leading ones has been the role of clinical trials in pharmaceutical development.

Why big pharma needs to be braver

The last few years have seen the pharmaceutical industry undergo a rapid metamorphosis in the face of unprecedented change, but communications are one area that still needs an injection of bravery. The pharmaceutical industry can no longer be about presenting information in uninspiring ways. Their communication must effectively weave imagination, creativity, and science into the foundation of what they do if they truly are to capture and maintain HCPs hearts and minds.

How scientific storytelling can help Pharma cut through the noise

Rather than being afraid of storytelling, pharmaceutical firms should be embracing it. Because what scientific storytelling allows us to do is to communicate quickly and efficiently. It provides a shortcut to understanding which is a powerful tool, much needed at a time when there is so much pressure on our healthcare systems and we want patients to make good, informed choices.

The power of communication: Engaging diverse groups in healthcare

Humans are diverse and communications to engage us need to be inclusive. It’s no longer about talking to a group, a cohort or an imagined section of society - especially in healthcare. Communication and the strategy behind it needs to be more personal to ensure that people – whoever they are – feel valued and respected.

Rediscovering the human touch in healthcare

The landscape of our healthcare system is ever evolving. But it is under threat from the diminishing time allowances our healthcare professionals have to spend with each patient. With little sign of these issues easing, we are at risk of seeing the human touch disappear from healthcare, we must find a way to empower HCPs to deliver supportive and compassionate care in an increasingly bureaucratic system.

Remote Patient Monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need to harness and leverage digital tools and technology for remote patient monitoring (RPM). With the onset of lockdown, and a sense of unease when visiting conventional clinical settings, we’ve seen a need for more robust disease detection and monitoring of individual and population health, which could be aided by wearable sensors and at-home devices.

How a design mindset can lead to better medical outcomes

By adopting a design philosophy, healthcare companies can develop communications that allow healthcare professionals (HCPs) to better meet the needs of their patients. Imaginatively designed content combined with patient insights can deliver campaigns that inspire behaviour change.

How to design better medical outcomes: Combining patient insights and empathetic design

By adopting a design-led, solutions-based approach to communications, companies can help healthcare professionals (HCPs) to better meet the needs of their patients through their communications. While now may not feel like the right time to overhaul communication strategies, in the race for relevance healthcare companies must adapt or risk being left behind.

Is communication killing the COVID-19 vaccine’s chance at success?
Against the challenging backdrop of of misinformation, communications specialists are working to educate the public, change the minds of millions and fight to return to some sense of normality in a safe way as global COVID-19 vaccination programmes continue.
Good design saves lives

Good design and creative thinking are essential if we are to improve on existing problems in new ways, which is why design and creativity within healthcare is vital. Health is core to every human beings’ existence, so communications in healthcare must be as effective as possible.

Creative med affairs and bridging the healthcare gap

Within the healthcare industry, any patient-facing activity has traditionally been the domain of marketing teams – be that brand marketing or marketing individual products. Recently, however, a trend has emerged for medical affairs professionals and teams to become much more involved in activities relating to patient engagement and communicating with healthcare practitioners.

The concordance conundrum: the art of active listening

The art of active listening explores the links between effective communication and better patient concordance and medical outcomes, why many HCPs still overestimate their ability to communicate effectively and the opportunity this presents to industry to better support HCPs in this role.

The concordance conundrum: understanding the complexities of behaviour change
Understanding behaviour change looks at the six fundamental steps required to change human behaviour and discusses why HCPs need to start here if concordance is to be improved.
The concordance conundrum: creating space for open dialogue
Growing numbers of patients want a partnership model with their HCP, whereby both parties are equally involved in the decision-making process. This model has been linked with an increase in treatment concordance. However, achieving this delicate equilibrium does require the pharma industry to support HCPs to do their job more effectively when interacting with patients. So how can industry help?
The concordance conundrum: the tech divide
COVID-19 resulted in the rapid adoption of virtual consultations; while they offer increased accessibility and convenience for some, are they really all they are cracked up to be? Consultations in a virtual world explores the pros and cons of virtual consultations and the responsibilities that the private sector and tech community should address with regards to ensuring that the poorest and most vulnerable in society don’t get forgotten or left behind in a seemingly more digital world.
Improving patient concordance: where does industry fit in?

What’s in a name? explores the idea that those healthcare organisations that develop tools and support structures to improve concordance will be at an advantage when it comes to product procurement from HCPs in the future.

The concordance conundrum: the value of improving patient experience

This is the first in a series of articles where we explore how the current climate presents companies with a multitude of opportunities to improve communication between healthcare organisations and HCPs, and between HCPs and their patients - ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes

The Pivot

In times of uncertainty it is critical for businesses to take action to protect their brand image and longevity.

Communicating through video

It's likely that video is about to replace a lot of your face-to-face appointments.

Could coronavirus turn us all into online gamers?

As businesses gauge the potential impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), with a sense of fear and pessimism causing a dampening of economic activity and suspension of the stock market, the healthcare industry is one of the most vulnerable.

Love - it really does make the world go around

No two people are the same nor as individuals are we particularly predictable – we might like to think we are because at some point in time someone decided that being predictable equated to being balanced.

Data desires

What are you looking to achieve with data and how are you preparing yourself to react to the results?

Happy Chinese New Year 2020 - The Year of The Rat

A fond farewell to The Year of the Pig


Whether you are taking part in Dry January, Veganuary, or any other health regime, just keep going!

Self-care healthcare

It is difficult to move these days without bumping into the term ‘self-care’; it is everywhere.

Saving Time

Of all the challenges facing humanity, one thing continues to dominate: the pursuit of saving time.

The power of the internet

Can HCPs help patients by listening more?

Are supermarkets responsible for public health?
If supermarkets don't shoulder some of the responsiblity for the public health crisis, it'll only get worse. But would they risk the financial impact?
Behavioural Science in Healthcare

Personal health and wellbeing has never been more a part of the public conscious than it is now.

The era of digital wellbeing

Social media - friend or foe?

Experiential Marketing

Picture the most amazing day of your life.

A new kind of predator

A work-life balance may be pampering the individual but is it strangling society?

Want to know if you're dehydrated? There's an app for that.

Water water everywhere..but are we drinking it?

Can you survive without the blue dot?
Or has the digital world has replaced our brain
Its Know Your Numbers week

Do you know yours?

Money, money, money

Could it be, that money isn't everything afterall? Surely not.

Should there be a punishment?
Blended Intelligence

Data is the most valued commodity of the modern world. For P&P it's all about the application.

The P&P office is buzzing

P&P are thrilled to attend the Communiqué Awards ceremony this evening.

Is our health at risk by delaying Dr appointments?

It’s Cervical Screening Awareness week 10-16 June, so now is the perfect time to check when your last appointment was.

It's all about the cake/lettuce balance

World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) is held every year on 29 May, so now is the perfect time to redress the nutrition balance

Playing Mind Games

To give a brief strong direction, we need to ascertain how the brand intends to win attention, how it will engage, what its call to action will be and how to build up trust with the audience. It is a chance to take your brand story and archetypes and decide precisely what and how you want to communicate to the outside world.

PM Society Digital Award Finalists

P&P are shortlisted for the ‘Craft in Film’ category at this year’s PM Society Digital Awards

Success breeds success

This week we received the exciting news that we have been shortlisted for the Times Business Awards 2019, Tunbridge Wells in the 'Best Business 1-25 Employees' category.

Investing in our People

As a small, boutique agency we can and do invest heavily in our team, who produce amazing results for our clients.

Autism Awareness Week

Autism awareness week highlights the need to support those suffering from the condition, and their families and carers.

International Women's Day - 8 March 2019

International Women's Day has been celebrated since its inception in 1911. But how far have we come?

The 10-year Web Challenge

Understanding your users’ needs is more critical online today than ever. A site should mould itself around these insights, deliver those needs quickly, efficiently and with plenty of white space.

Happy Hearts

Is Valentine's Day good for your heart?

The Real & The Honestly Fake

In the age of the Instagram filter and the selfie, there appears to be no place in healthcare creative for false perceptions. You’re either REAL, or you’re HONESTLY FAKE.

Tinnitus Awareness Week: Tea for Tinnitus

It's Tinnitus Awareness Week 4-10 February 2019. You can help by taking part in Tea for Tinnitus and increase awareness of this debilitating condition.

Not another weight-loss ad

Christmas is over and the gyms are packed, it’s a never-ending tale. But why do we do it to ourselves every year?

Page & Page has been shortlisted for an award!

Page & Page are excited to be shortlisted for a PM Society Award

Givers and Takers

Have we lost the ability to identify the difference between net givers and net takers of energy?

Focus on doing one thing well

Does pharma have something to learn from Welsh jeans maker Hiut Denim when it comes to focus?

Marketing to healthcare professionals – what’s the key ingredient missing from most campaigns?

What do you think is the difference between a campaign developed to win a share-of-mind with consumers and a campaign designed to gain the attention of healthcare professionals?

Video – The importance of efficient ideas

With the right idea, video is a powerful tool within any industry, with the wrong idea it can become a time-consuming money sponge. An efficient idea is a must.

Is healthcare behaving badly with plastic?

It’s time for the healthcare sector to demonstrate leadership in plastic recycling and the use of sustainable plastics.

Can we talk about the ego-bias and chemicals influencing your target audience’s behaviour?

Over the Summer, the Page & Page team became fascinated by two books on this very subject. Two books from one author, Dean Burnett, an eminent neuroscientist, lecturing at Cardiff University Centre for Medical Education. His witty explanations of what is actually happening in our heads are now contributing to the way we develop campaigns on behalf of clients like yourselves.

The power of video

Video is not a new marketing channel. Compared to the realms of augmented and virtual reality it’s been around for donkey’s years. And yet video has continued to grow in popularity across the globe more than any other mode of communication. Last year video accounted for 73% of global traffic, with a surprisingly small percentage of that being footage of adorably fluffy kittens/puppies/insert favourite infant animal, or even people ‘accidentally’ injuring themselves in hilarious and evermore imaginative ways.

Apple Watch Series 4: A life-saving tool or just making us more health obsessed?

Apple’s latest Watch boasts lots of new health and fitness features. But are these really beneficial? Or are they just making us more health obsessed?

Seduce anyone in four simple steps
You know the health of the global economy is dependent on our ability to seduce one another – don’t you? And you know that we need to be able to do it quickly too, don’t you? Written by Stephen Page, Brand and strategy
Money, sex and power
What really makes your world go round? Is it money, sex or power? Or is it something more subtle?
If you’re not thinking segmentation, you’re not thinking

Having a background in market research I’ve been lucky to work on a number of customer segmentations in my time but working in creative communications it is still too rare that I come across what I would call a proper psychographic or ‘mindset’ segmentation. Instead, many marketers simply group customers into the brand adoption ladder or different levels of competitor loyalty – with mixed results.

I spoke to Craig Galloway, an Associate Director of Marketing at Allergan on what he thinks the challenges are with implementing segmentation.

Written by Paul Townley-Jones, Director of Brand & Strategy @ Page & Page

So, we’ve arrived. Our work has stepped beyond multichannel to omnichannel. We can be and in fact are everywhere, all the time. We are omni-present. We are God. Or are we?
Using contextual moments in marketing
Creativity has lost its worth
Creativity has lost its worth, and sadly it is undermining effectiveness
No one is listening to you!
We know it is harsh but you know how frustrating it is. You want them to embrace change but they’ve got cloth ears. That’s why we have produced a guide, useful for any target audience with cutting edge insights about how to communicate more effectively.
Empowering nurses to transform patient care
As Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) turn to action across England, Page & Page’s Communications Director Cori Hollenbach explores whether healthcare companies are considering the influence nurses can have on promoting shared-decision making in prescribing.

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You’re sitting on a time bomb, so think harder and give more!
A new philosophy for a new age?
Page & Page and Partners
Can Artificial Intelligence Solve the Healthcare Crisis?
Healthcare systems around the world are already struggling to meet the demands of an ageing population, the rising incidence of chronic diseases, escalating healthcare costs and a deficit of healthcare workers.
Page & Page and Partners
What constitutes a great creative brief?
We asked, you answered, and the results are in… what really does go into a great creative brief?
Page & Page and Partners
The Sofa Sessions - The Seventh Page

Page & Page and Partners
There's power in collaboration
Over the past few years we have seen the world go through a period of rapid change, facing unexpected challenges and unpredicted turmoil.
Page & Page and Partners
Are you crazy enough to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result?
We all do it, don’t we? We all follow well-trodden paths and long-standing habits because that is often the best way to manage resources and logistics. I think we’re excused…
Page & Page and Partners