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The Good Ideas Group

Remarkable but responsible creative work.

We're most passionate about the pursuit of original, powerful ideas that our clients can harness to unlock their brand's potential.

But, and here's the USP, we come with healthcare smarts preinstalled. We know what will fly and what won't in the highly regulated but intensely competitive world of healthcare marketing.

Areas of Expertise

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals.


NHS, COMPASS Pathways, Unilabs, Allergan and many more under NDA.


Tim Gomersall
Managing Director
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Ed Gunter
Marketing Manager
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White Papers and Resources

How To Tell A Better Silent Story

They say a picture's worth 1,000 words, which is incredibly helpful when telling a silent story.

5 Healthcare Marketing Blunders | How To Avoid Them.

Here are 5 healthcare marketing blunders and how best to avoid them.

Design Trends We’ve Seen In 2022

Our graphic designer Isla takes a deep dive into the graphic design trends we’ve seen in 2022 and what to expect throughout 2023 and beyond.

How long should my healthcare video be?

This week, Tim took a deeper look at a question we are asked almost daily; how long should my healthcare video be?

Our Top 5 Pharma Picks From Cannes Lions

Here are five of Art's top five pharma and healthcare picks from Cannes Lions 2022.

Explainer Videos in Healthcare Marketing

Could an explainer video help you? Here we’re looking at five reasons to use explainer videos in your healthcare marketing and how they help your content leave a memorable impression.

We Need To Talk About We Don’t Talk About Bruno

Tim explores how if we only fixate on giving people what they like, we’ll miss the chance to give them what they don’t know they love yet.

5 Reasons To Add Character Animation To Your Next Campaign.

In this month's Focus On series, we're shedding light on our character animation offerings and how they can dramatically boost your content's engagement.  So sit back with a cuppa and enjoy five big reasons to utilise character animation in your next project with GIG.

You Brand Is More Than A Logo

Jon discusses how a good logo alone does not complete the brand, especially today when that brand has to adapt and live across many channels.

When Will We Be Back To Normal?

The definitive question of 2021, whether you’re a homeschooling parent, a homebound professional, a wanderer with nowhere to go… or all three at once.

How to tell your healthcare story.

Healthcare research is not a simple story and the people in charge of those moments need to be careful about the story that they tell.

Micro-interactions and why they matter.

We all need feedback. Whether it’s a smile from a stranger, some flowers to say thanks or praise for a job well done, it’s safe to say that we all thrive on positive feedback.

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GIG is an extremely creative, smart team with a can-do attitude. They designed an inspiring website for us that represents our company well. At every step of the process, they gave us insightful, creative and practical advice - recommend working with GIG on any of your projects.

Amy Lawrence
Director of Communications at COMPASS Pathways

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The Good Ideas Group

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How To Tell A Better Silent Story
They say a picture's worth 1,000 words, which is incredibly helpful when telling a silent story.
The Good Ideas Group
What Women Want - Medical Awareness Video
We created an animation to tackle the taboo of women across the globe openly discussing their menstrual cycles.
The Good Ideas Group
Kaleido - Diabetes Explainer Video
The BriefTo create an engaging administration video for an insulin pump to appeal to a younger and more active generation.The SolutionOur proposed execution included a dynamic lifestyle studio shoot combined with tabletop papercraft assets, 3D models and 2D animation. Each video used a different colour palette to complement the variety of colours that the device comes in. The administration needed to be clear and medically accurate, but at the same time to look fun and easy to do.
The Good Ideas Group
Blood Cancer GIFs - Healthcare Animations
A collection of fun and educational GIFs to support people during Blood Cancer Awareness month.
The Good Ideas Group
Burden of Heart Failure - Healthcare Animation
The BriefDevelop a video that will create an emotional response and connection strong enough to inspire HCPs to consult with Heart Failure patients more proactively and promptly.The SolutionCreate an animation that charts the regression of a person with heart failure over time, and communicates the avoidability of this path.
The Good Ideas Group
Watercolour Stories - HCP Animation
We have been developing an approach to combine illustration with animation to create a 'living painting' that could be used to build and progress a story. Here are the results and we have quite successfully utilised this approach on a recent client project.
The Good Ideas Group