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Among Doctors

This page shows the latest Among Doctors news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

World Mental Health Day is on 10 October

World Mental Health Day is on 10 October

You Okay, Doc? A call for more awareness and support for the mental health of doctors. ... The latest research comes against a backdrop of escalating rates of mental ill health and suicide among doctors and coincides with increased pressure on front-line

Latest news

  • Google backs Indian mobile online doctor community Google backs Indian mobile online doctor community

    Curofy wins support from the firm's Launchpad Accelerator programme. A new online mobile network for doctors is among the startups to receive the backing of Google's Launchpad Accelerator programme. ... Curofy claims to be India's largest online

  • Microsoft-backed doctors network expands in Europe Microsoft-backed doctors network expands in Europe

    Among Doctors officially launches in the UK and Spain. Online networking and collaboration network Among Doctors has launched in the UK and Spain. ... Among Doctors' difference from many of the online physician communities currently online is that it

  • Connected Healthcare Connected Healthcare

    Sitting alongside this is an increasing trend for EU consumers to be more engaged in their health, and an increasing expectation among doctors that pharma companies willhelp provide patient support programmes. ... Sites such as Medscape and Sermo have

  • Pfizer links with Synthon on generic Copaxone Pfizer links with Synthon on generic Copaxone

    40mg formulations of Copaxone had increased and there was "strong acceptance" of the higher dose among patients, doctors and health plans.

  • Actavis acquires Forest for $25bn Actavis acquires Forest for $25bn

    The deal would also provide economies of scale in the region of $1bn and give Actavis the size needed to negotiate competitive positions for its medicines among US hospitals, insurers and ... doctors. Expected to be completed midway through this year the

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Latest Intelligence

  • If we don’t heal the healers, who will heal us? If we don’t heal the healers, who will heal us?

    In fact, self-reported studies suggest a greater increase in mental illness among doctors when compared with the wider population. ... Time for change. While burnout among HCPs is not a new problem, we are approaching a critical crossroad.

  • The importance of AI in improving patient care The importance of AI in improving patient care

    In another report, the WHO found that an ageing workforce among doctors posed a serious risk to countries in Europe and central Asia, along with staff shortages and recruitment and retention ... Retaining nurses, doctors and healthcare staff is always

  • Health For All Health For All

    Working in healthcare doesn’t prevent this – a systematic review of 42 studies of implicit bias among healthcare professionals found doctors and nurses manifest biases to the same extent as the

  • Business as usual Business as usual

    Among these are the balance of the agenda (the focus should be on participants giving the organisers advice on clinical matters), whether information about products can be published as pre-work, ... Future proofing. MHRA's Jan MacDonald focused on

  • Sales reps in the digital age Sales reps in the digital age

    One of the factors blamed for the reduction in access was digital preferences – particularly among younger doctors. ... He trained in Nephrology and Intensive Care in Oxford before joining in 2000.

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Latest from PMHub

  • Medscape Education Global Medscape Education Global

    Medscape delivers dynamic, innovative education to optimize learner engagement and patient outcomes worldwide.

  • Covid-19 redefines rules of customer engagement

    There was also a marked change among secondary care doctors, with some variation between specialties.

  • A new reality for healthcare

    Once the AR interface, such as special glasses or lenses and enough computing power appears, it could rapidly spread in popularity, especially among the younger generation of doctors to whom the ... In a way it is a shame that the technology emerged from

  • UK's department of Health deploys information campaign to ensure continued vigilance over Ebola

    This is the message being communicated by the Department of Health via, among other channels, the physician network ... Data for March 2015 reveals, among other things, that the total of global cases has reached 23, 948.GP members of

  • Harnessing Insight

    Research conducted by among 1, 000 GPs shows 52 per cent of doctors do not see any sales reps in a typical week due to time pressures, and ... Most significantly, pharmaceutical companies can use these networks to develop a new kind of

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