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closed-loop marketing

This page shows the latest closed-loop marketing news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Current and future trends for developing digital medical communications

Current and future trends for developing digital medical communications

Products such as a digital messaging platform with integrated slide sorter, closed-loop marketing platforms for global e-detailers and advanced training dashboards are essential tools to drive version control, retain

Latest news

  • La La Land? The myth of multichannel excellence La La Land? The myth of multichannel excellence

    58% of customers prefer to receive marketing promotions via email over social, print or text message (PwC). ... Furthermore, almost a third (30%) of respondents don’t yet leverage customer data from their cross-channel initiatives for advanced customer

  • Let's rock the system Let's rock the system

    The best detail follow-up is a sales chart that moves. And with tablet sales aids allied to closed-loop marketing pharma is beginning to do a more systematic job of ... Conclusion. There has to be more to marketing than the distribution of information.

  • Pharma's digital directions in 2014 Pharma's digital directions in 2014

    Pharma insight on digital marketing, social media, mobile apps, online video, websites and interactive healthcare tools. ... 2 Healthcare professional networks. 3 Closed-loop marketing. 3 Closed-loop marketing. 4 Social media.

  • Tablet detailing Tablet detailing

    But the future holds even more opportunity to incorporate data from tablet detailing within a closed loop marketing process.

  • The incredible journey: multichannel communications with HCPs The incredible journey: multichannel communications with HCPs

    The rep prepares a customer call by using the customer relationship management (CRM) and uses closed loop marketing (CLM) platforms to personalise the face-to-face conversation. .

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Latest Intelligence

  • Measures for measures Measures for measures

    At present, pharma hasn’t really embraced the concept of closed-loop marketing; we’re stuck measuring the success of tactical implementation. ... The most cutting-edge examples of closed-loop marketing are often in FMCG markets, where data analytics

  • The valuable brand The valuable brand

    Currently, for example, neophiliac brand managers love anything vaguely digital. Before that, closed loop marketing was the buzz phrase. ... Value in context. To our marketing ancestors, target segments were categories of either patients or prescribers.

  • Integrating digital: developing a social conference Integrating digital: developing a social conference

    Boehringer Ingelheim has long been seen as a company that pushes the envelope when it comes to integrating digital elements into its marketing mix. ... That's where we came in with this closed loop marketing approach,” says van Eijk.

  • China: Engagement strategies China: Engagement strategies

    It is all too easy for marketers to get lost in the detail of platform construction when it comes to closed loop marketing and customer relationship management systems. ... It is a way of thinking about and managing marketing, and communicating with

  • Why digital healthcare means strategy is now vital Why digital healthcare means strategy is now vital

    Many companies prefer to spend more money on closed loop marketing (CLM) platforms that offer as little useful information as they do creative ideas to persuade their customers.

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Latest from PMHub

  • Iguazu Iguazu

    WHAT WE DO. We are Closed Loop Marketing experts. Iguazu work with pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers worldwide to deliver modern digital solutions, aiming to improve UK and global health. ... Their Closed Loop Marketing experience and

  • Rainmaker - A digital communication solution by Agnitio

    A multi channel marketing platform that stretches across every stakeholder in the value chain. ... Influence, engage and empower Sales and marketing,  HCPs and patients, all in one platform.

  • How e-detailing can increase access to HCPs

    Closed loop marketing can provide more access to healthcare professionals too.

  • HILVER Closed Loop Marketing

    Next to outsourced selling solutions, HILVER offers closed loop marketing tools and bespoke content creation. ... We can help you with optimising your current marketing materials and/or create new content that stands out from the crowd.

  • How to account for different motivations in closed loop marketing

    While your CLM technology might be brand new, the communications strategy behind should be tried and tested. In fact one of the earliest exponents of rhetoric, Aristotle, can still inform digital communications methodology today. Aristotle described

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