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continuous glucose monitoring

This page shows the latest continuous glucose monitoring news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

In sickness and in health

In sickness and in health

Continuous glucose monitoring has transformed diabetes care in recent years and I’d guess it’s only a matter of time before we. ... Abbott’s work, encouraging diabetes patients to be proactive in managing their glucose levels, is a good example of

Latest news

  • Key emerging trends in digital health Key emerging trends in digital health

    An exciting development for those living with type 1 diabetes comes from Abbott, a glucose sensing technology company, and Insulet, a diabetes medical device company, who have partnered to develop integrated ... Abbott’s continuous glucose monitoring

  • Digital Trials Digital Trials

    By collecting continuous data streams as individuals go about their daily lives, mHealth technology can capture physiological data and patient insights outside the traditional trial site. ... vast array of physiological data including vital signs such as

  • Novo Nordisk to launch connected insulin pens Novo Nordisk to launch connected insulin pens

    Now, Novo Nordisk has announced that it will globally launch two ‘connected’ insulin pens, which will be able to communicate with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems and blood glucose meters (BGM). ... This involves a trial of an automated

  • Lilly boosts its forthcoming diabetes digital health offering Lilly boosts its forthcoming diabetes digital health offering

    The pharma firm will integrate Rimidi’s diabetes management software platform into an integrated insulin management system it is currently working on that will combine a connected insulin pen, glucose-sensing ... technologies such as continuous

  • Dexcom and Fitbit team up to tackle diabetes management Dexcom and Fitbit team up to tackle diabetes management

    Will develop a wearable blood glucose tracking product. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) specialists DexCom and wearable brand company Fitbit will team up to develop a new blood glucose tracking product for ... The initiative will bring together

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  • Consumer-driven Healthcare in the Digital Age

    Gil Blander, Co-founder &Chief Scientific Officer at InsideTracker, explores consumer-driven healthcare, the use of big data and AI for creating personalized health protocols, the trillion-dollar “longevity economy,” and how approaches like

  • Blog: Digital therapeutics: within our reach?

    Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring System: a small sensor measures glucose levels just underneath the skin and transmits the reading to your mobile app using Bluetooth.

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