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human behaviour

This page shows the latest human behaviour news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Pushing all the wrong buttons

Pushing all the wrong buttons

We await this milestone with bated breath. Yes, I know human error happens. ... Secondly, we have learned that technology works best when it is considered in the context of both its environment and human behaviour.

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  • Evolving at home Evolving at home

    Likewise, beavers build amazing dams because the natural environment selected for that behaviour. ... The business environment selects for cooperative behaviour and delivering on promises, for example.

  • Behaviour change needs a quantified approach Behaviour change needs a quantified approach

    The great mysteries of human behaviour and its often irrational quirks are slowly but surely being solved, thanks to a combination of behavioural economics and booming research in neuroscience. ... Without analysing and tackling this human behaviour, the

  • Overriding the main frame Overriding the main frame

    Our knowledge of human behaviour tells us that our brains can often hold us back. ... Daniel Kahneman's way of framing behaviour involves system 1 (unconscious, quick reactions using biases and mental short cuts) and system 2 thinking (conscious,

  • Jobs to do Jobs to do

    In essence, brand marketing's core aims are to promote or support behaviour change. ... behaviour. When we thinking about changing human behaviour we need to recognise that there are 2 forces that promote behaviour change.

  • The challenge of poor adherence in type 2 diabetes The challenge of poor adherence in type 2 diabetes

    Crawford Hollingworth, founder of The Behavioural Architects, describes BE as “a scientific model for thinking about human behaviour and human psychology, a model which embraces and seeks to explain the seeming ... irrationalities of human behaviour.

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  • Placing people at Lucid’s heart: Paul Cutler, Lucid Group's new Chief People Officer

    I was drawn into HR early in my career by a passion for understanding the richness of diverse human behaviour, the common experiences and beliefs that unite us and make us ... We partner with the pharma and biotech industry, delivering life-transforming

  • Data-driven healthcare communications

    In fact, both the success and impact of behavioural science rely heavily on data analysis to be effective and measured – helping to nudge human behaviour in the right direction to meaningfully ... Medical strategy. Healthcare communications. Motion,


    Creating meaningful experiences by bringing data and emotion together to drive behaviour change is at the heart of what we do, day in day out. ... incorporates artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, data modelling and scientific human

  • Article:

    All change – how untangling human behaviour can encourage better health. ... Read our latest article where Director, Dan Coffin spoke to PME Magazine about the need to better understand human behaviour in order to drive more positive patient outcomes.

  • Overcoming the digital patient recruitment challenges of connecting with patients Overcoming the digital patient recruitment challenges of connecting with patients

    That’s where using the psychology behind human behaviour comes in. So, in short: connecting with patients digitally is challenging. ... Social listening can help you understand the psychology behind patient behaviour, and you’ll be surprised at the

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