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This page shows the latest mobile app news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Key emerging trends in digital health

Key emerging trends in digital health

There are now over 200, 000 people in the UK registered on the NHS app, demonstrating patients’ new proactive involvement in their own care by using mobile apps to manage the ... The mobile app and website Push Doctor offers free GP consultations online

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  • Creating strong commercial relationships in a COVID world Creating strong commercial relationships in a COVID world

    There are many potentially life-changing digital innovations on the market. For example, diabetes monitors that are applied to the skin and send patient health metrics remotely to a mobile app.

  • 25 Women Leaders in UK Healthcare (part 2) 25 Women Leaders in UK Healthcare (part 2)

    Price’s projects include incentivising behaviour change through a mobile app-tracked points system, aiming to influence wider determinants. ... All GP practices in England will be connected to the NHS app by 1 July.

  • Waking the sleeping giant Waking the sleeping giant

    This bodes extremely well for better healthcare delivery going forward - provided that mobile is properly leveraged. ... A mobile app created by a Nigerian doctor offers a platform for patients in that country to type in medical questions.

  • Integrating digital biomarkers into precision medicine Integrating digital biomarkers into precision medicine

    Examples of digital biomarker usage cases include:. Using an interactive app to pre-screen potential study participants; for instance, a game to assess cognitive ability as a predictor of beta-amyloid ... Using digitally acquired voice recordings at home

  • Real patient voices Real patient voices

    For example, it is difficult for me to imagine that offering a mobile app to a 70-year-old oncology patient with a simple background to support his treatment in a

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  • Genetic Digital Genetic Digital

    Digital strategy and transformation. Website design &development. Mobile app development &Class I device apps.

  • Improving Public Health Through Telemedicine

    Laurence Girard, CEO of Fruit Street Health, shares his tips for aspiring HealthTech entrepreneurs, his views on the future of telemedicine and digital health, and why he thinks healthcare companies should be funded by healthcare professionals

  • Medopad: the up and coming unicorn transforming remote patient monitoring

    By 2025 the mobile health (mHealth) app market will reach £86.2bn ($111.8bn), with the growing need to reduce waiting times and enhance both patient and healthcare professional experience being ... The insight provides the foundation for the client’s

  • Blog: Digital therapeutics: within our reach?

    Dexcom G5  Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring System: a small sensor measures glucose levels just underneath the skin and transmits the reading to your mobile app using Bluetooth. ... AliveCor  heart monitor and  Kardia  mobile app: this device can

  • How to choose your digital channels

    Mobile app: Great for essential services if designed to meet users’ specific needs and assisting daily activities – people will download it if they don’t want to live without it.

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