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we speak patient

This page shows the latest we speak patient news and features for those working in and with pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Frontera launch new mHealth offering

Frontera launch new mHealth offering

Aligned to the Frontera Group positioning “we speak patient”, Stikke is said to work alongside patients, professionals and pharma to deliver mHealth solutions that will “impact patients lives” and “improve outcomes”. ... Managing Director

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  • Jackanory: narrative education in medical communication Jackanory: narrative education in medical communication

    A good patient narrative, in effect an anecdote, is a Trojan horse for knowledge that our brains are unlikely ever to be suspicious of, but we must avoid confusion with anecdotal ... The shift is barely underway and will be painfully slow, but as we

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  • Is anybody listening? Is anybody listening?

    The question is: how? “There’s a growing consensus that, as an industry, we must learn to ‘speak patient’,” says Craig Mills, Managing Director, Frontera Group. ... But social media is an inevitable direction of travel. If you want to ‘speak

  • A little less conversation

    Let’s disrupt this status quo. Why should we be patient-centric, and not just say it? ... At Frontera Group, we have one simple proposition: We Speak Patient.

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  • Culture Club: Supporting company goals, values and practices through COVID

    We are driven to achieve success. Externally this means transforming the lives of patients, by capturing and integrating the patient voice in everything we do. ... Our company mantra is ‘We Speak Patient’. Culture-wise the two key styles that spoke

  • The other side of … blood cancer

    Digging a little deeper we see that the barrier is likely mostly one of motivation. ... To truly drive change, we need to break with tradition. We need to radically alter the perception of what the doctor–patient relationship should look like.

  • Has the pandemic opened up a future of accelerated diagnosis and better care for rare disease patients?

    it's always good to catch up face-to-face, we learn about the work they are doing, sometimes get new insights about patient management, and we don't have that ... And I think we should continue to adopt these practices for rare diseases.

  • Healthcare in a lockdown

    In our recent social listening research (where we get deep insights into the patient experience through online patient discussions), a sense of neglect emerged among people, with COVID-19 is getting ... If a patient has a need for medical care, it is

  • The other side of … multiple sclerosis

    In understanding more, we see behaviours on both sides of the physician-patient relationship that have defined this experience. ... One that is inclusive of patient and carer. One that recognises the importance of patient empowerment.

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