PMLiVE Top 40 Creative Healthcare Agencies

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About the Top 40 Creative Healthcare Agencies

PMLiVE's Top 40 Creative Healthcare Agencies lists companies working on advertising, branding, creative and design projects in the UK healthcare sector.

The aim of the T40 listing is to highlight those creative agencies having the most impact in the UK healthcare sector in 2020. The agencies were drawn from a shortlist based on selected 2020 healthcare awards schemes and specialist advertising, branding, creative and design agencies drawn from a number of sources including PMLiVE's PMHub, PMGroup databases and other sources in the public domain. This is not an exhaustive list of all companies working in this sector, some agencies were outside the top 40, some declined to participate and some did not provide any data. You can find more creative agencies in PMLiVE's PMHub listed under advertising, branding or creative design

Consultancies dedicated to Healthcare PR and medical education were not asked to supply details for this year's T40 listing - if you would like more information on medical communications consultancies, please see Communiqué, the Communiqué Awards or browse through the PR, medical education and medical communications categories of PMHub.

PMLiVE and PMGroup Worldwide Ltd do not recommend or approve any of the agencies in the T40 list - and provide no guarantee of the validity of the data shown. The rankings are calculated from a mix of information supplied by the agencies and data found in the public domain (further details are shown below).

The data is displayed in a series of ranking tables showing some of the major agencies in the UK healthcare sector - and how they compare in a number of different areas.

As well as an overall ranking there are top ten lists for:

  • Smaller agencies (Agencies with less than 25 total staff)
  • Independent agencies
  • Young agencies (Less than ten years old)
  • UK focused agencies (approx 90-100% of their agency billings are from advertising, creative, design and branding projects in the UK healthcare sector)
  • Individuals within pharmaceutical companies who have direct responsibility for selecting agencies to work on:
    • Advertising Campaigns
    • Digital advertising Campaigns
    • Branding
    • Creative Design
  • Individuals within pharmaceutical companies who work with agencies and can recommend suppliers
  • Individuals within procurement who can approve budgets for creative work
  • Individuals looking to work in a creative agency
  • Creative agencies looking to benchmark their company

A short list was created from a number of places including:
Publicly available awards results; PMLiVE's PMHub categories; PMGroup's in-house databases; Other data sources within the public domain; agencies who requested to be included

To be listed all agencies must have offices within the United Kingdom, permanent staff operating in the UK - and have billed over £100,000 on advertising, branding, creative and design work in the UK healthcare sector in 2020.

You can apply to be included in the 2022 shortlist by emailing or contacting your PMLiVE account manager

You can nominate an agency to be included in the 2022 shortlist by emailing

There are a number of different ranking factors taken into consideration - and each factor is weighted when generating the overall score which is made up of:

  • 2020 Awards*: 40%
  • Billings from from advertising, branding, creative and design within the UK healthcare sector in 2020**: 20%
  • Total agency billings in 2020**: 10%
  • Number of staff working on healthcare**: 10%
  • Social media presence***: 10%
  • Number of staff**: 5%
  • Agency age**: 5%

* For the 2021 T40, points were awarded for different levels of success in th following targeted awards schemes and a total score calculated for each agency:
- Creative Floor Healthcare Awards 2020
- PM Society Digital Awards 2020
- PM Society Healthcare Awards 2020/21 (NB: Which took place in January 2021)
- Cannes Lions Pharmas 2020
- Cannes Lions Health and Wellness 2020
- Communiqué Awards 2020 - Excellence In Communication Through Creative Execution category
** Data was supplied by the agencies based on set ranges with varying levels of depth to ensure comparison across a wide range and size of agencies was possible. The bar charts in this publication give an indication of the data supplied, but are scored from wide and varying banding levels and as such the length of the bar charts should not be used to infer direct comparisons between each agencies' actual data (which was not supplied).
For example, if one bar chart is twice the length of another, it should not be inferred that the agency has exactly twice the level of that specific measure.
There is some weighting towards smaller agencies which have a greater amount of their overall work taking place in the UK, to reflect the jump between 1 million and 2 million in billings as having a greater impact than between 45 million and 46 million for example, and to reflect the aim of the publication in highlighting those agencies that have had an impact on the UK marketplace.
*** Social Media presence score calculated by looking at the number of followers on the corporate social media accounts supplier by the agencies. Each agency supplied up to 4 accounts (1 per social media system) including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and LinkedIN (account data supplied by the agencies - all counts made and verified by PMLiVE on 22nd November 2021)

There will be a print publication containing:

  • Industry analyses & opinion articles;
  • Thought leaders by agency personnel;
  • A ranking section which will include profiles of listed agencies;
  • Additional top ten ranking lists on specific factors such as:
    Agency billings
    Social media presence
    Smaller agencies
    Independent agencies
    UK focused agencies
    Young agencies; and
  • A page explaining the methodology, any caveats and inclusion rules

The print version will be posted approximately six weeks after the online version is launched.
You can register to receive a copy here.

If you think your agency ranking is wrong, please contact and we will be in touch to explain your ranking and let you know who signed off the content on your behalf.

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