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Join the Digital MedComms Revolution! With a head for medical, creativity at our heart and the skills to develop cutting-edge digital solutions, Brandcast Health is the perfect partner for a truly integrated MedComms strategy.

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  • Join the Digital MedComms Revolution!

    Medical communication, education and marketing are changing. Brandcast Health is at the forefront of developing insight-led, digitally integrated creative, marketing and education campaigns. Our approach ensures that our clients reach healthcare professionals and patients with the content they need when they need it, and in formats that are accessible and engaging.

    Brandcast Health is the perfect partner for a truly integrated medical communications strategy.We offer in-house digital, brand, marketing and medical education strategy; website and app development; and medical writing, design, video and animation services.

    We help our clients create omni-channel campaigns that allow the delivery of excellent customer service and branded content to their healthcare-professional and patient audiences.

    We specialise in integrated creative and digital strategy and production

    Our campaigns are designed to meet specific, measurable business objectives. Meaningless KPIs such as, ‘likes’, ‘impressions’ and ‘views’ are a thing of the past. We have the expertise and capability to allow you to genuinely measure whether your campaign was able to improve business outcomes – we can track engagement through meaningful KPIs including adoption, sales and behaviour.

    Our fully integrated, in-house communications, creative and digital production teams give us the capability to deliver unique, high-quality,end-to-endcampaigns quickly and seamlessly.

    Emphasis on partnership and collaboration coupled with our extensive experience in co-creating content with healthcare professionals and patients allows for truly insight-led creative,onlinecommunications.

    We believe in smart content development so that assets can be rolled out as cost-effective omnichannel communications that can be adapted easily to complement each other across multiple channels. This takes the pain away from the delivery and approval of complex campaigns to ensurea simple, consistent user experience for your audiences.

    Simple, accessible and beautifully designed brand and marketing campaigns

    We use real-world insights to develop our brand and marketing strategy, focussing on how healthcare professionals and patients really think about the medicines they use. Effective marketing campaigns are built on engaging stories, and we know how to create assets that take audiences on a journey that builds confidence in your brand.

    Digital Medical Educationis changing. That’s why we always think digital.

    Our medical education campaigns start with people and partnerships. We can find and engage with the influencers that will help us create an accessible, targeted and practice-changing story. We understand how patients and healthcare professionals use online resources to learn. We ensure all of our educational campaigns are immediately accessible to audiences whenever they want it, wherever they are.

    Digital Labs-Going where no MedComms agency has gone before!

    We believe in creating genuinely useful and lasting digital tools that will change the way that you communicate with your audiences forever.

    By dedicating time to developing sophisticated digital tools in collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals, we are constantly learning how to use new technology to improve communication in these audiences.

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