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Concentric Health Experience


Concentric Health Experience puts behavioral science at the core of experience-driven health brands. We uniquely shape the promise of medicine into stories that ignite the human spirit, helping people understand their health and embrace treatments. You make the medicine, we make it matter.

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  • Every day, new medicines are being created that offer renewed hope for a longer, healthier future. It’s a noble endeavor that few have the courage or capability to pursue. At Concentric Health Experience, our calling is to make a difference by connecting your science to the humanity it’s meant to serve.

    Simply stated, “You make the medicine. We make it matter.” Concentrating on the principles of human behavioral design, Concentric Health Experience uses the science of real-world decision making to craft narratives that shape the promise of medicine into stories that ignite the human spirit and unite all communication channels.

    Our mission to change health behavior shapes our ability to influence customer behavior across a blend of integrated capabilities that span commercial strategy, scientific strategy, content and engagement strategy and brand building. With offices in New York and London, these integrated capabilities are powered by a modern agency engagement model, the Core 4, that is inspired to overcome the challenges our clients face today.

    Concentric Health Experience is proud to celebrate a year in which we prepared numerous products for commercialization, many in underserved communities, rare diseases, or those representing a disruptive approach to treating chronic illness. These engagements shape our continued evolution toward a consultative practice, one that is flexible and smart.

    In order to continue this momentum, our team strives to personify the characteristics of courage, compassion, and community every day. These values help shape our human-centric approach as we continue to build toward the future, one transformational health experience at a time.

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    Total staff
    150 - 249 staff
    Billings from UK creative healthcare work
    Healthcare staff
    150 - 249 staff
    Total agency billings
    Agency age
    Between 15 and 20 years
    Social media footprint
    Approximate percentage of advertising, branding, creative or design work in the UK healthcare market
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  • Awards
  • The Creative Floor Awards 2019 - Bravest Client (Winner)
    The Creative Floor Awards 2019 - Best Suit (Winner)
    The Creative Floor Awards 2019 - Healthcare Professionals – Symposium (Winner)

    2019 Med Ad News award for Best Interactive Physician: Room to Breathe for Lonhala Magnair
    2019 PM360 Trailblazer Awards: Company of the year: Silver, Best Professional Campaign: Same Will, New Way for Saxenda
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