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Kanga Health Ltd


Kanga is a global healthcare digital agency, providing a full-service offering. We help organisations tap into a wealth of digital opportunity and play a meaningful role in the future of healthcare. Our team is a rare breed of pharma & multichannel experts, helping to embed multi-channel excellence.

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  • Kanga is a global digital agency, providing end-to-end services to help health and pharma organisations with successful digital transformation.

    From strategy to development, implementation and beyond, our experts guide pharma teams and customers every step of the way to deliver projects that are always value-driven, on time and excellence derived.

    Our team is a rare breed of pharma and multichannel experts, therefore acutely aware of the intricacies and challenges of the unpredictable and regulated healthcare industry. We are strategists, creatives, technologists but importantly we are all practitioners too - we learn and advise by doing.

    We work mostly with global pharmaceutical companies, in the UK, Europe and across the globe (emerging and traditional countries), helping to embed multi-channel excellence.

    Our role is to help companies tap into a wealth of digital opportunity and play a meaningful role in the future of healthcare.

    Kanga’s core strengths are:

    Customer centricity is at the core of everything we do.

    Kanga involves Patients, HCPs, Carers, Payers and others, using co-creation techniques to develop the right strategy, relevant content, and solutions that work every time.

    We do the insight work to understand what your customers need at every stage of their journey. Our strategic approaches are based on a deep understanding of the landscape your customers are currently experiencing. We hold your hand every step of the way, inspiring you with our insight from years of successful strategy development.

    Only pharma companies who collaborate with partners and patients will stay relevant. Kanga guides our clients and partners through the shift to a more multichannel approach through deep insight and global-to-local planning, learning first and foremost from your customers.

    We remove silos – transforming organisational thinking.

    You need determination and an experienced partner to make it happen. Our digital transformation work helps to shift the thinking on an organisational scale and supports companies to break out of silos. Our global training programmes, strategic internal programmes and change management operations help you form and deliver a business model that is iterative, customer-centric, and digitally competent – with patients at the centre.

    An integrated and multichannel approach is at the heart of our success.

    From integrated digital platforms to individual websites, social media campaigns, and content assets, Kanga can create your complete digital customer experience. A multichannel, connected experience.

    Our award-winning results include the Living With NETs website, and the Guts4Life patient solutions, co-created with patients and HCPs using design-thinking tools - a hallmark of the Kanga approach.

    Finally, we are also renowned for being great fun to work with, adding value and bringing a natural extension to your team!

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    Between 7 and 10 years
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