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At RAPP Well, we focus on the individual. We understand digital, data and how to identify real, actionable insights that can make a difference to everyone’s journey through health. We combine deep healthcare expertise alongside best-in-class strategy, creative and technology from other industries.

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  • We are living through a time of unprecedented change, whether doctors, payers, nurses, patients or carers.  Change in how we behave, how we learn and discover, who we trust, how we look after ourselves in sickness and in health.

    At RAPP Well, we focus on the individual.  We understand data and how to identify the real and actionable insights that can make a difference to everyone’s journey through health.  We bring specific, deep expertise in healthcare, and combine that with the best-in-class creative, strategic, technology and data capabilities that we have developed to envision, create and deploy communications, platforms and programmes across a multitude of other industry sectors.

    We begin with understanding the journeys that our audiences take, healthcare professionals and patients alike.  From here, we design and create the touchpoints that will combine to enable the change in behaviour that we are looking to inspire. Success is not an open rate, is not a website visit or a social share, success is helping every individual to do something differently.

    We have proven tools and methodologies, that enable us to deploy solutions rapidly and effectively.  But by starting with data, and ending with data, we know that what we do works, and we have the direction and inspiration to continually improve.

    We apply our thinking across all healthcare sectors, including Rx, OTC, Wellness and animal health at local, regional and global levels.

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    Total staff
    500-749 staff
    Billings from UK creative healthcare work
    Healthcare staff
    50-74 staff
    Total agency billings
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    Over 30 years
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    Approximate percentage of advertising, branding, creative or design work in the UK healthcare market
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