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Hamell is a truly different, award-winning, full service integrated communications agency. We’re a team of creatives, scientists & behaviouralists, driven by evidence & insight. We go beyond what people are doing, to why they are doing it, creating meaningful solutions & communications for better.

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  • We stand out from the crowd.

    We don’t just talk about health behaviour, we live it. We get beyond what people are doing, to why they are doing it

    Our evidence-based approach means we gain a complete behavioural picture of the environment, with clarity in the core drivers, motivators and barriers experienced by our audience.

    When we translate these into meaningful creative, we know that they are tailored to resonate on a deeper level and deliver improved, life-changing outcomes for people.

    Nothing is missed. Nothing is misunderstood. Nothing is left to chance.

    We make a change for better.

    Making change happen is all down to our rigorously tested approach:

    • Understanding our audience uncovers deep behavioural insights into the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what. That’s why the first thing we do is undertake a robust behavioural analysis of our audiences – who they are as people, their attitudes and beliefs.
    • We then identify the need by using our deep insights to define barriers and motivations. With a distinct strategy in mind, we shape the desired behaviour change for our audience to achieve the best outcomes.
    • Whatever comes next, is for the better. Our well established, academically respected approach pushes us beyond the norm with better, more targeted, contextual communication and ultimately, better results.

    Our services& specialties.

    It takes a collective of behavioural scientists, medical writers, data analysts, researchers, account planners, strategists, client partners, design thinkers and creative communicators to understand the need for better:

    • Behavioural research
    • POM-P-GSL switch
    • Self-care
    • Patient engagement
    • RWE
    • Effective creative
    • Medical education

    Whatever the service, we work across the entire product lifecycle, from market preparation and disease awareness to non-promotional and promotional communications.

    We work across all audiences within the healthcare spectrum, from patients, carers and patient organisations through to consultants, doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

    Getting to the why.

    We want to understand why people prescribe, recommend, seek help, interpret symptoms, buy or stay on the treatments they do.

    Identifying a person’s core and higher emotional drivers plays a pivotal role in uncovering the complicated processes which drive behaviour.

    We uncover people’s motivations, what their barriers are, the tone of language they use, their level of self efficacy, how they interpret their symptoms and condition.

    This complete, evidence-based picture of behaviour, enables us to predict and ultimately change behaviour.

    We understand why people behave in a certain way, rather than making assumptions on what’s seen or reported.

    We observe, listen and talk. We look at individuals and groups and analyse verbal and non-verbal cues, actions and emotions.

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