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McCann Health


McCann Health is the world’s #1 creatively-awarded and most effective health network. United by our vision to help brands and businesses earn a meaningful role in healthier lives, we combine science, strategy and creativity to solve problems our clients face in today’s dynamic healthcare world

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  • At McCann Health we’ve helped brands and businesses play a meaningful role for healthier lives since 1996. McCann Health, part of IPG Health, has 1900+ people across 60 offices, in 20 countries and six continents. Our global practices include HCP communications, consumer health/wellbeing, medical communications, strategic consulting, and global health. Specialty practices include pharmacy, social sciences, media, payer and patient engagement.

    We love solving problems that brands face in today’s dynamic healthcare world – from changing sales models and crowded marketplaces, to digital transformation and empowered health consumers. Our solutions are informed by creativity and strategy, underpinned by science, with an expert team from the pharmacy, dentistry, nutrition and nursing sectors. Technology, data, media and analytics are part of all we do, enabling omnichannel customer experiences or fuelling global innovation to tackle challenges.

    We are the world’s #1 creatively-awarded and most effective health network.
    Recent accolades include 2021 LIA European Agency of the Year, 2019 Cannes Lions Healthcare Network of the Year and Pharma Grand Prix, and 2020-2021 Creative Floor Most Awarded Network.

    McCann Health London was also named in the top 10 most effective agencies globally by the AME Awards in 2020, whilst McCann Worldgroup was the Most Effective Agency Network in the 2020 Effie Effectiveness Index.

    The UK is a global hub for the McCann Health network; last year we increased headcount and now have over 700 passionate, health-obsessed people. We embrace diversity and inclusion by fostering a culture of openness and honesty, while providing opportunities to learn and grow. A key example of this is our IGNITE programme which recruits interns from diverse backgrounds.

    In a year dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been integral to leading the conversation through our research and our advisors, while creating work that truly matters and saves lives. Behavioural science has also come to the fore across our output over the last year, fuelling our understanding of human behaviour and the power of communications to change this.

    Informed by McCann Worldgroup’s founding philosophy, Truth Well Told, we delivered special editions of Truth Central global intelligence studies unearthing the macro level Truths impacting people’s attitudes and behaviour. These included Truth about Culture and Covid-19 and Truth About Doctors - Covid Edition.

    The McCann Health Global Scientific Council, a 450+ strong community of PhDs, MDs, pharmacists and medical/scientific experts, is dedicated to making complex, evidence-based science accessible to clients and stakeholders. In partnering with WHO, UN, health start-ups and incubators, advisory boards, academia and advocacy groups, it has made significant impact both internally and externally, advising through a major global health crisis.

    With our focus on a wider spectrum of healthcare professionals, we are uniquely placed to offer value-added insight. We know what nurses, pharmacists, dentists and nutritionists are doing day-to-day, and what their issues and unmet needs are, making our work relevant. We don’t just meet a communications need - we are informed by specialist insight with the creative expertise to connect with the target audience.

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  • 2021 Agency Data
  • 2020 awards
    Total staff
    Over 749 staff
    Billings from UK creative healthcare work
    Healthcare staff
    Over 249 staff
    Total agency billings
    Agency age
    Between 20 and 30 years
    Social media footprint
    Approximate percentage of advertising, branding, creative or design work in the UK healthcare market
    Under 10%
  • This information was supplied or confirmed by McCann Health. Bar charts are indicative only, with 100% being the maximum score allocated across all agencies. Billings from UK creative healthcare work are not a subset of total annual billings, and so may show a higher rating.

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  • Awards
  • PM Society Awards 2020/21:
    PMSociety Awards 2021 - DISEASE AWARENESS (HCPs) - Portraits of COPD flare-ups - Gold
    PMSociety Awards 2021 - FILM & ANIMATION AIMED AT HCPS - Portraits of COPD flare-ups - Gold
    PMSociety Awards 2021 - FILM & ANIMATION AIMED AT PUBLIC/PATIENTS - Portraits of COPD flare-ups - Bronze
    PMSociety Awards 2021 - INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS - Sandoz Motivational Video - Finalist

    Creative Floor Awards 2020/2021:
    Patients - Radio - Soothing Families since 1931 - Winner
    HCPs - Art Direction - Blocked View - Winner
    HCPs - Best Tablet App - Faster+Better eDetail - Winner
    HCPs - Digital Detail Aid - Faster+Better eDetail - Winner
    HCPs - Exhibition - ACT on COPD - Winner
    Best of the Best - Most Awarded Network - Winner

    Cannes Lions 2020/2021:
    The Bread Exam - Health & Wellness - Brand-led Education and Awareness - Gold Lion
    The Bread Exam - Health & Wellness - Corporate Image and Communication - Silver Lion
    The Bread Exam - PR - Cultural Insight - Grand Prix
    The Bread Exam - PR - Local Brand - Gold Lion
    The Bread Exam - PR - Innovative use of Influencers - Bronze Lion
    The Bread Exam - Media - Local Brand - Gold Lion
    The Bread Exam - Media - Use of Social Platforms - Bronze Lion
    The Bread Exam - Brand Experience and Activation - Cultural Insight - Silver Lion
    The Bread Exam - Brand Expeirence and Activation - Local Brand - Bronze Lion
    The Bread Exam - Social and Influencer - Innovative use of Influencers - Silver Lion
    The Bread Exam - Social and Influencer - Food and Drink - Shortlisted
    The Bread Exam - Direct - Cultural Insight - Bronze Lion
    The Bread Exam - Direct - Use of Social Platforms - Shortlisted
  • This may contain additional awards supplied by McCann Health that were not included when generating this year’s T40 - please see methodology to find out which awards schemes were included.
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