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We collaborate with healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations around the world to deepen customer connection through meaningful digital experiences. Our teams help clients turn ideas into effective digital products that resonate with their audiences using strategy, user research, and design.

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  • We combine digital expertise with extensive sector knowledge and understanding. Innovation and creativity always come first, but not at the cost of approval.

    Our dedicated teams of designers, strategists and clinical UX researchers help clients turn ideas into meaningful digital products that are scalable and resonate with their patients or HCPs. We conduct research, then convert this into actionable insight and practical solutions. Our iterative approach allows us to quickly solve problems and implement change.

    Our services fall under three core pillars; strategy, user research and design. We apply strategy to help you to create a roadmap of the future of your digital customer experience that is rooted in research and insight. Through conducting user research, we enable you to truly understand your audience and make informed decisions based on their needs and behaviours. We design effective digital products and experiences which connect with your customers and achieve your objectives.

    We’re a company of individual specialists with a shared vision, ethos and approach. Our clients include Amryt Pharma, NHS, Pfizer, and Vhi Healthcare. With them, their teams across markets and their partners we’ve improved the experiences for millions of users.

    At Graphite, we thrive on purpose-driven projects and creating solutions that result in a positive, measurable impact on people's lives, health and wellbeing.

    If you have the ambition to do exceptional things, we’re here. Together, we will create digital customer experiences that are truly aligned to the needs of you and your audiences.

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    Total staff
    25-49 staff
    Billings from UK creative healthcare work
    Healthcare staff
    25-49 staff
    Total agency billings
    Agency age
    Between 10 and 15 years
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    Approximate percentage of advertising, branding, creative or design work in the UK healthcare market
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  • Awards
  • The Drum Creative Industries Award 2021
    Highly Commended, Healthcare category, Vhi Healthcare's 'Online Doctor' telehealth service
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