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Seven Stones Collective


Hello. We are the Total Health creative agency. It’s our collective mix of talent that gets us to truly different ideas. Ideas that make a difference.

  • Agency description
  • The best work comes from teams. Mixed-up teams.

    Teams where thinking isn’t the preserve of strategists, and creativity doesn’t require an art school degree.

    Because when you break the silos down, the answers are less likely to always be the same.

    With different skillsets and specialisms, experience and expertise, personalities and peculiarities, our shared goal is wanting what we do to matter.

    It’s why we work in the health space. And why we put every collective into making the creative we work on count.

    We don’t fragment health (it’s too important for that)

    Traditionally, agencies have stand-alone divisions for promotion to healthcare professionals. Usually located away from the “main agency” where consumer health and wellbeing brands sit, it’s as if there isn’t anything they can learn from each other.

    But the best medical advertising - distilling the most complicated of science into something accessible and truly meaningful - is a masterclass in storytelling. While that visceral understanding of the human condition evident in great consumer campaigns is more than relevant to doctors and patients. They are, after all, people first.

    Working across the health spectrum gives us a unique skill set. Tapping in, dialing up, but never dumbing down, these abilities help us deliver a real edge for our clients, whatever their brand of health.

    We learn to speak a lot of languages

    Communication isn’t what’s said, it’s what’s heard.

    If you want to be listened to, understanding the lived experience of those on the receiving end of your message is vital. Not just superficially, but in detail. That’s why we go above and beyond to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients’ customers.

    Once we speak their language, we can begin to connect. Once connected, we can start to convince. The more our story becomes aligned with theirs, the more difficult it is to ignore. And with our words in their mouths, it becomes harder for any competitor to challenge.

    Getting your target audience to spread the word for you is never going to be easy. But start by speaking their language and there’s a chance it will happen.

    How we stand apart

    Forget for a moment that physical inactivity is a public health disaster and consider this. When we engage in pursuits that require physical exertion but little thought or concentration, our minds are free to wander. It’s called transient hypofrontality. And it’s precisely the kind of mental state in which ideas mingle more freely and unusual and unexpected thoughts arise.

    For a business that sells itself on its problem-solving ability, we believe encouraging people in the agency to be active during the day is not only a moral responsibility - or just a way to attract and retain the best staff - it’s also a means of doing our best work for our clients.

    To our mind, being recognised as the UK’s Most Active Workplace is the most important effectiveness award we’ve ever won.

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    Total staff
    10-24 staff
    Billings from UK creative healthcare work
    Healthcare staff
    10-24 staff
    Total agency billings
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    Over 30 years
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    Approximate percentage of advertising, branding, creative or design work in the UK healthcare market
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  • Awards
  • PM Society:
    Gold, Film aimed at public/patients

    PM Society:
    Silver, Patient Organisation & Pro-Bono

    PM Society Digital Awards:
    Gold, Film

    The Creative Floor awards:
    Gold, Charity / Pro-bono

    Campaign Brand Film Awards:
    Gold, Charity Film

    British Arrows:
    Gold, Best 30-60 film

    British Arrows:
    Bronze, Charity/Public Service

    Creative Circle:
    Gold, Best Charity / Public Service Film

    Creative Review
    Honourable Mention (Silver), VFX

    Bronze, Public Interest – Health & Safety

    Bronze, Visual Effects

    Marketing Society:
    Winner, Finance Director’s choice

    Marketing Society:
    Highly Commended, Effective & Impactful Strategy

    AME awards:
    Silver, Products & Services: Health & Wellness

    AME awards:
    Silver, Creativity for Positive Impact: Promotion of Health and Human Services

    AME awards:
    Silver, Best Use Of Medium: TV & Cinema

    Marketing Week awards:
    Shortlisted (Award TBA), Charity / non-profit

    Marketing Week awards:
    Shortlisted (Award TBA), Health and Life Sciences

    Marketing Week awards:
    Shortlisted (Award TBA), Best use of a small budget

    Effies UK:
    Shortlisted (Award TBA), Healthcare
  • This may contain additional awards supplied by Seven Stones Collective that were not included when generating this year’s T40 - please see methodology to find out which awards schemes were included.

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