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DDB Remedy London


We are a creative healthcare agency, who believe that by finding the right emotion, and telling a story that taps into that emotion through our creative, we can create the advantage for our clients and their brands.

  • Agency description
  • People are complicated beings.

    We don’t just think, we feel.

    And emotions are what drives us to ACT.

    That’s where we come in.

    We’re a group of very human humans.

    A healthcare agency that digs deep. Very deep.

    We experience. We explore. And we understand.

    We never leave our humanity at the door.

    Because we believe it’s our greatest asset.

    And that empathy is a force for creativity.

    For every client, every brand, every brief,

    we find the emotion and create the advantage.

    Because people may not remember what you said,

    But they will remember how you made them feel.

    This will make them act.

    And when we act, everything is possible.

    DDB Remedy – Create the Emotional Advantage

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  • 2019 Agency Data
  • 2018 awards
    Total staff
    75-100 staff
    Billings from UK creative healthcare work
    Healthcare staff
    75-100 staff
    Total agency billings
    Agency age
    10-15 years
    Social media footprint
    Approximate percentage of advertising, branding, creative or design work in the UK healthcare market
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  • Awards
  • PM Society Awards 2018 - Patient Support (Silver),
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Events and Exibitions (Finalist),
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Films & Animation (HCPs) (Finalist),
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Films & Animation (Patients) (Silver),
    PM Society Digital Awards 2018 - Innovation - Best use of new or emerging technology (Finalist),
    Society Digital Awards 2018 - Innovation - Best use of new or emerging technology (Finalist),
    Society Digital Awards 2018 - Innovation - Film (Gold),
    Society Digital Awards 2018 - Innovation - Creativity (Gold)

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