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Havas Life Medicom


Havas Life Medicom is an award-winning creative medical communications agency. We are in the business of creating future-ready ideas that result in enhanced relationships and a greater share of mind for your brand.

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  • Havas Life Medicom – leading the way in creative healthcare communications

    Building successful healthcare brands has never been harder: there’s more competition, more noise, and more pressure on healthcare professionals to deliver better care in less time. The result is that over 70% of new medicines miss profit targets, nearly 50% of launches underperform against expectations, and more than 25% of new products fail to reach even 50% of their forecast.

    Doing the same things we’ve always done is no longer an option. We must view our customers through the same lens they use to see the world. Today, fewer than 46% of European doctors see sales representatives and fewer than 50% attend pharma-sponsored meetings. But 86% are using their phones daily to help inform their clinical practice. Our challenge is to be where they are and see what they see, for our voice to be heard and our message to be relevant.

    When we do, the scope for change is almost infinite. Together with our clients, we have applied a scientific approach to marketing that’s helped them launch 230% above target, build brands bigger than the iPod, and transform the lives of people across the world.

    The big ideas that drive success don’t come from nowhere – we don’t create them by magic. They’re born from our obsession with outcomes, which inspires us to channel scientific expertise in increasingly innovative and eye-catchingly effective ways. Our proven track record and long-term client relationships speak for themselves – yes, we have won awards, but it’s the meaningful impact of our campaigns that keeps so many clients coming back to us year after year.

    So, what’s next? In our quest to become even better, we’re always looking for brilliant people to hire and wonderful clients to work alongside. Our aim is to create unique campaigns that blend marketing, medical science and creativity into a single brand story – a story that connects healthcare professionals to medicines, to make more people better.

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    100-150 staff
    Billings from UK creative healthcare work
    Healthcare staff
    100-150 staff
    Total agency billings
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    20-30 years
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  • Awards
  • Creative Floor Healthcare Awards 2018 - Digital Detail Aid (Winner)
    Creative Floor Healthcare Awards 2018 - Art Direction (Finalist)
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Sales Aid (Craft Award) (Gold)
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Mixed Media Campaign (Craft Award) (Bronze)
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Primary Care Advertising (Target Award) (Finalist)
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Patient Support (Craft Award) (Finalist)
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Best Use of Insight (Craft Award) (Finalist)

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