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McCallan Marketing


McCallan is a specialist healthcare communications agency. We work with our clients to help them communicate effectively with their audience. Our work is characterised by plain language and impactful visuals designed to deliver engaging, memorable and persuasive messages.

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  • The following is intended to give you a flavour of what we are like as an agency and why you might want to consider working with us.

    The agency now known as McCallan Marketing was originally established more than 25 years ago. We evolved under current management to concentrate exclusively in creative communications for the healthcare sector in 2010.

    We specialise in healthcare because that’s where our experience lies, it’s what we know about. This matters because it means that, when required, we can provide our clients with informed strategic and tactical advice. These clients are mainly in the pharma, biotech, medical device and consumer health sectors.

    We believe that an effective marketing message is one which positively influences customer behaviour. We are expert in working with our clients to craft messages which do this. The narratives we compose do not make the mistake of telling healthcare professionals what they already know, concentrating instead on delivering messages which are relevant and persuasive. Choosing the right channel is an essential part of this.

    We offer a wide range of services to deliver these messages. These include the following:

    Creative and design

    • Original creative concepts
    • Campaign imagery and logos
    • Brand development
    • Branding guidelines
    • Photography
    • Infographics
    • Medical animation
    • Film
    • Copywriting/medical writing


    • Sales-aids – interactive PDF, e-books and HTML5
    • Websites
    • Apps
    • E-bulletins
    • Online advertising
    • UX testing

    Medical education goods and services

    • Mechanism of action animations
    • Anatomical models
    • MEGS specific mailing campaigns
    • Patient education materials
    • Specialist medical textbooks and tailored journal content
    • Medical calculators

    CPD and training

    • Specialist accredited learning for healthcare professionals
    • Medical examination revision support
    • Training manuals for internal staff
    • Bespoke online training modules for HCPs in all disease areas

    We have a very wide range of experience in many therapy areas including rare diseases.

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