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woolleypau is a creative agency working on pharmaceutical and medical device brands for pan-European and global clients. We combine award-winning ideas with deep strategic expertise. Our case studies span pretty much everything healthcare means now.

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  • It could be a first-in-class drug, proudly launching across the globe. It could be a fourth-to-market challenger, fighting its way to the top, or simply looking for a niche. It might be a generic medicine striving not to be a commodity – or a biosimilar searching for something unsimilar to say. All healthcare brands aren’t created equal, but ultimately all of them survive in the same way, by asking people to do things – to fund, to prescribe, to recommend, to use…

    And with decades of case studies behind us, we’ve learned that if you’re asking someone to do something, it matters how you ask.

    That’s not a huge insight – “ask nicely” is advice your mum gave – but it does explain the woolley pau gyro way. Wherever there’s a marketer with a message to get across, wherever there are healthcare professionals seeking to do their best for patients, wherever there are people trying to get along with their medicines, there are humans at work – asking, coaxing, hoping to persuade. Just in that simple thought is a whole world of beautifully quirky behavioural psychology. That’s our world; that’s why we do the kind of work we do.

    As we’ve evolved and adapted to the new and the next in healthcare, we’ve stuck to our principles. If anything, now we can take our clients into the world of social media and beyond, the ability to engage and delight matters more than ever. With our connections, we can help brands find and follow customers with brilliant data-driven precision, but we’re still us. We still understand the difference between targeting people and truly getting through to them.

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    25-50 staff
    Billings from UK creative healthcare work
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    20-30 staff
    Total agency billings
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    20-30 years
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    Approximate percentage of advertising, branding, creative or design work in the UK healthcare market
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  • Awards
  • IPA Platinum Award for Continuous Professional Development 2018
    PM Society Awards 2018 - House Promotion (Target Audience Judged)(Gold),
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Primary Care Advertisement (Finalist),
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Advertising Campaign (Finalist),
    PM Society Awards 2018 - Mixed Media Campaign (Finalist)

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