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Welcome to the Communiqué Awards

Welcome to the Communiqué Awards

The Communiqué Awards programme is specifically designed to recognise and commend excellence and best practice in local, European and international healthcare communications. The programme highlights the range and complexity of the issues facing healthcare communications professionals today and, against this backdrop, the extent to which outstanding work ultimately delivers real improvements in healthcare, enhances patient experience, builds trust with stakeholders and augments industry reputation.

A benchmark of excellence

The Communiqué Awards programme provides a showcase for healthcare communications, together with the means to champion the highest possible standards and help shape future thinking. The judging process is rigorous, surprising many who are judging for the first time.

New for 2016

To ensure that the Communiqué Awards programme continually improves and develops in line with current industry trends and thinking, all elements have been reviewed and, for 2016, two new categories have been introduced:

Two categories have been changed significantly:

Judging criteria have once again been refined to ensure a continued focus on effectiveness - evidence for and measurement of successful outcomes against key objectives.

Consultancy of the Year categories

The Consultancy of the Year categories have undergone a rigorous review and the following changes have been made:

New for 2016 As with all the categories, the first round of judging will be based purely on the written submission. However, new for this year, all entrants into these categories should also supply an additional two-page document that gives the entrants the opportunity to elaborate further on the information contained within their original submission. Should the consultancy make it through to the interview stage, this second elaboration document will be sent out to the judges prior to the interview day to provide further in-depth business information

As in 2015, companies may enter more than one Consultancy of the Year category, should they fit the criteria. However, to be eligible to enter any Consultancy of the Year award, companies must have submitted an entry into at least one of the Healthcare Communications Awards categories and have been trading for a minimum of 18 months.

Help in preparing your entry

When preparing your entry you will find it useful to look at both the judges’ tips and the entry checklist. Finally, if you would like a member of the Communiqué Awards team to discuss the entry process with you and/or your team, please contact Debbie Tuesley on or +44 (0)1372 414243.

The Communiqué Awards presentation

The Communiqué Awards will be presented at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, on 7 July 2016. Guests from a wide range of disciplines and geographies come together each year, providing a unique opportunity to share an evening with and be recognised by fellow professionals and important stakeholders. I look forward to seeing you there!

Good luck ...

Debbie Tuesley
Events Manager, PMGroup

Who can enter?

Entries for the Communiqué Awards may be submitted by any UK, European or international:

  • PR consultancy
  • Medical education/communications agency
  • Integrated/networked communications agency
  • Digital communications agency
  • Pharmaceutical company
  • OTC or consumer health company
  • Device manufacturers
  • NHS or healthcare provider department or body
  • Outside contractor or non-PR professional acting on behalf of (and with the full authorisation of) the client company
  • Patient or professional association
  • Charity
  • Government agency or department
  • Non-governmental organisation.


Entries must conform, and adhere, to the letter and spirit of the PMCPA, APPC (Association of Professional Political Consultants - if appropriate) and PAGB (Proprietary Association of Great Britain) Codes of Practice. You must ensure that your entry is compliant with the Code and Medicines Act. We reserve the right to rescind an award, should a breach of the code be confirmed at any time.